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MidEast Web was started by people active in Middle East dialog and peace education efforts. Our goal is to weave a world-wide web of Arabs, Jews and others who want to build a new Middle East based on coexistence and neighborly relations. Our members and staff include distinguished educators, engineers, Web designers and other professionals experienced in dialog, peace education projects and in promoting dialog and coexistence using the Internet.

MidEast Web for Coexistence is a registered non-government organization in Israel.

Wherever you are, you are welcome to join us.

These are our founding members and supporters around the world:

Suhail AbulSamid is an internationally known Jordanian architect and Web designer. He has done innovative designs of a bookshop- Internet Cafe, an Internet training center, tourist villages and archeological restorations.

Mel Allerhand is a consulting psychologist and author. He works with peace organizations in USA and Israel, including WINDOWS magazine, to increase their effectiveness, and helps design and implement workshops on conflict resolution.

Rutie Atsmon of the Windows - Channels for Communication group is co-editor of WINDOWS, and Face to Face, Arabic-Hebrew magazines written by Palestinian and Israeli youth and distributed to schools in Israel and Palestine. She is also director of the Windows Group’s recently opened Israeli-Palestinian friendship center.

Adel Darwish is a free-lance reporter and founder and editor of Mideast News, a web news service.

Professor Nachman Eshel was in charge of planning  and implementation of the entire teaching system of the Open University of Israel (O.U.I.) and served as its director for eleven years, during which he was instrumental in constructing the concept and structure of teaching in the University's early years.

Henry Eskalasi is personal assistant to Abie Nathan, the Israeli peace activist who was jailed for meeting with PLO officials and who initiated and ran the Voice of Peace radio station.

Robert Gordon is a mediation and dialog professional, and is active in fund raising for the Cousins Club of Orange County.

Matthew Hogan is an American attorney and writer. He helped organize the Cousins Club of North Texas, a Jewish-Arab dialogue group based in Dallas, Texas.

Yitzhak Frankenthal was Executive Director of the OzVeshalom/ Netivei Shalom peace movement in Israel from 1995 to 1998. He initated “Parents’ Circle” an association of bereaved Israeli parents to bring Palestinians and Israelis closer together. For his work for peace, he received the “International Activist Award” from the Gleitsman Foundation. His is currently engaged in organizing a massive publicity campaign to popularize peace values in both Israeli and Palestinian society.

Micha’el Frishberg is a member of Kibbutz Ein Dor who has been actively assisting various NGOs in the neighboring Arab communities of the kibbutz. In particular, he acts as correspondent for the Marj Ibn Amer NGO and helps in formulating proposals for grants from various dedicated funds.

Ameen Hannoun is a Web designer and free-lance Journalist in Amman. He is the initiator and co-coordinator, with Ami Isseroff, of the PEACE Mid-East Dialog Group. He is editor and designer of the PEACE Web site and has contributed to PeaceWatch.

Hussein Issa was founder and principal of the Hope Flowers School in El Khader. Hope Flowers teaches coexistence and non-violent approaches to conflict resolution as well as Hebrew, and conducts numerous meetings and joint activities with schools in Israel. Hope Flowers and MEW have an active and fruitftul relationship.

Ami Isseroff, director of MidEast Web, is co-coordinator, with Ameen Hannoun, of the Internet PEACE Mid-East Dialog and editor of PeaceWatch, the PEACE dialogs Web journal. He is a programmer, system designer and technical writer. As a Senior Researcher in the Weizmann Institute, he pioneered microcomputer applications for scientific research.

Peter Liatowitsch is co-director of the Jewish-Palestinian dialog group in Basle, Switzerland.

Boaz Mermelshtein is an instructional designer of educational software for children and youth for use on home computers and the Internet.

David Mencher is a talented amateur musician and a professional chiropractor who has donated his time and efforts to peace in the Middle East.

Anika Kanter Movchine is an artist and Web designer who has designed Web sites for non-profit organizations as well as commercial clients.

Barbara Nasralla is Academic Coordinator of the Intensive American Language Center at Washington State University who is active in Arab-Jewish dialog.

Saida Nusseibeh has pioneered interfaith dialog and educational projects, beginning with the JADE group in England. She is on the board of several Palestinian charities and dialog groups.

Mordehai Peri is Director of Hagefen, a Haifa-based organization for promotion of Arab-Jewish cooperation and dialog in Israel.

Professor Marian Rabinowitz is a gerontologist and specialist in rehabilitation medicine, dealing with issues of quality of life and human dignity in the later years and chronic disability. He is involved in education for values of compassion and human understanding and Peace.

Israel Rapaport is an economist and political activist. At present, he is manager of the Inter-kibbutz Web site and Internet facility.

George Rishmawi is coordinator of the Palestine Center for Rapprochement Between People in Beit Sahour, and a professional Web designer.

Robert Rosenberg is an author and journalist. He has pioneered the use of Internet for peace, and has donated his energies to developing the Ariga Web site as a center for Israeli peace activism.

Gene Sandretto is assistant director of the Hope Flowers School, and is an expert on teaching non-violence and mediation techniques.

Ruth Shapin is a California attorney. She is a. founder of the Cousins Club of Orange County in 1988, a dialogue and action group of Jews, Palestinians and others; founder and Board member of the Orange County Middle East Peace Fund, a non-profit organization which funds peace -oriented projects in the Middle East, primarily the Hope Flowers School.

Saliba Sarsar is dean of Monmouth College in New Jersey, and has been active in dialog and interfaith projects.

Libby Traubman helped organize the 1991 Beyond War conference for Israelis and Palestinians which resulted in the historic document, Framework For A Public Peace Process. In 1992, she co-founded the successful Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group, in California. Libby is a founder of the Foundation for Global Community, and is on the Board of San Mateo County 2000.

Lionel "Len" Traubman, a pediatric dentist, helped enact the Beyond War conference. He initiated a Web site to communicate the positive experiences and principles of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue and similar groups. Len is former Director of the San Francisco Dental Society, and was Editor of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and of the California Society of Dentistry for Children.

Eric Yellin is an Internet professional with experience in Web site building, applications design and maintenance of large Internet and web systems. He is involved in a variety of Internet projects ranging from social and educational to business and organizational ones. He will be helping MidEast Web, among other things, with technical aspects of operating the Web site.

Yehoshua Zamir, Chairman of MidEast Web, is a member of Kibbutz Ein-Dor. He was the initiator of the MidEast Web idea: an interactive Web site that would serve as a tool for peace education and a resource for dialog and peace education groups. He was a writer and filmmaker who has made documentary films and written books about the need for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. We regret to note the passing of Yehoshua Zamir in 2002, he will be sorely missing by his friends, his family and the cause of peace. MidEastWeb has created a page in his memory.


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