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"If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children."    Mahatma Gandhi

Middle East Peace Education

An Investment In the Future

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One girl is Jewish and lives in Israel. The other girl is Moslem and lives in Palestine. Don't they both deserve a bright future? Both little girls will shape the future - and their education will shape them. The future must be a better future for everyone. It must be built in love and mutual respect. That is why we need your help to build a better future for the Middle East.

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I like peace because it's not good to have war. If we have peace we will be very nice to each other and if we have a war we will hate everybody that is fighting us. I don't like wars because we die and we never stop hating each other. Everything will be fine if we have peace and nobody will die from wars. Once Egypt had a war against Israel and Egypt won and Egypt had peace, and peace is better than wars.

Osama Ghonim, Age 10, Cairo, Egypt.


Many people think it is a hopeless cause. Poverty, religious fanaticism and war have been teaching people to hate all over the Middle East. But some of us are lighting candles instead of cursing the darkness. We are bringing kids together. Kids from all over the world. Palestinian kids, and Israeli kids and Jordanian kids and Egyptian kids, Jewish and Arab children in the U.S. and U.K. Click here for a directory of Middle East Educational Efforts.

This message from a young Palestinian girl will convince you that it is not hopeless - that we must and will have peace.

We are proud to be cooperating with the Hope Flowers School in El-Khader in furthering education for coexistence and democracy in the Middle East. We hope that you will give them your support through MidEast Web or through their support groups in Bethlehem and the United States (see their Web site or contact us.).

We are also proud to cooperate with WINDOWS magazine and Face to Face - publications in Arabic and Hebrew for Israeli and Palestinian students.

Crossing Borders is a magazine written by and for Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian youth and available to schools in all countries.

The Pieces for Peace group created a giant mosaic.   Israeli and Palestinian children participated in this cooperative effort that will be an international monument for peace.

The University of the Middle East Project is a new effort to bring people together from all over the Middle East.

The Hand In Hand Group is creating integrated bilingual bicultural schools for Arab and Jewish children in Israel.

Peace Child Israel is devoted to educating children and educators to dialog.

Imagine Peace provides sources for a peace education program for children

CCRR - The Palestine Center for Conflict Resolution and Rapprochement, educates for nonviolent values and conflict resolution skills in Palestine.

Beyond Words - Beyond words is an Israeli group that brings together Arab and Jewish teachers, students and parents to encourage dialog and understanding between the communities.

Seeds of Peace - Seeds of Peace is a world famous organization that brings together young people from all over the middle east at their summer camp in the United States.  They have offices and activities in the Middle East as well.

Reut Sadaka - Jewish Arab youth dialog group that operates Friendship Village and many other projects in Israel.

Ein Dor Museum - The archeological museum of Kibbutz Ein-Dor runs workshops for Arab and Jewish children and their parents, in cooperation with guides from neighboring Arab towns.

Peace Generation - A Peace camp for youths of Jewish and Palestinian background, in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States.

Professor Nathan Brown presents his findings regarding democracy in Palestinian education.

A peace education resource- The Mouse and the Light - A Children's Peace Fable

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