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Do-it Yourself Dialog and People to People Peace Activities

Princess of Peace Organizes Trips to Gaza, visits to refugee camps, help for refugees

Not all Israelis believe in "us here and them there" as the ideal peace solution. Hagit Ra'anan has been pioneering dialog and aid activities for Palestinians for many years.

Hagit organized tours of Gaza and meetings in the West Bank for Israelis and others, so they can meet the "enemy" in informal chats, and also see life in refugee camps. 

In September 1999 the group set up a Peace Pole at a ceremony attended by Palestinian dignitaries.  (Newspaper coverage -
English   Arabic   Hebrew )

The trip to Gaza in December 1999 to light Hanuka candles included about 60 people including some youngsters. Click here for details:

English Hebrew

During a visit to Askar refugee camp, Israelis and Palestinians participated in a meal breaking the Ramadan fast.

Trips have been suspended due to the tragic and ongoing situation. They will be resumed when possible.

Hagit has made friends in Gaza and in refugee camps in the West Bank, and maintains contact with them even in the darkest days of crisis, finding ways to help refugees in need of everything and keeping the bridges of hope open.. Her dialog work has been featured in Israeli, British, American and Canadian media.

Contact Hagit Ra'anan by e-mail or by snail mail at POB 39, Kiryat Ono 55100, Israel.

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