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Hannuka in Gaza

Our Hannuka visit to Gaza was a great success, and unique in several ways. Firstly, for the first time we had 5 Israeli children with us. The youngest was 5 years old and the oldest only 12. One could see how easily they created heart bonds with the Palestinian children present during the ceremony. Gaza10.JPG (160145 bytes)

Second, some of the people were there just because they read or heard about the visits to Gaza in the media. I now know that part of the media are very sympathetic. It was fascinating to meet these people who are interested and connected with what I feel. I deeply appreciate the trust that these people demonstrated.

The ceremonial lighting of Hanukkah candles, which represented the main three monotheistic religious in addition to the metaphysic presence of his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the great teacher Sai-Baba and other Masters who were there with us was very exciting.

We started with a candle that carried the flame of the Sai-Baba, which was brought to me last year from his Ashram in India. This sacred flame was transferred to the Jubillenium candle, which was first lit only few days ago during the opening ceremony of the Jubillenium in Israel in the presence and blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This candle was originally lit from the live World Peace Flame, which combines seven flames brought to North Wales from seven sacred places from around the globe.

From the Jubillenium flame the children lit the first Hanukkah candle, one of the Palestinians lit a special Rammadan candle, a Moslem holiday that starts December 9th. A symbolic candle for the coming Christmas was lit by a Christian participant.

All of these created incredibly powerful energies of unconditional love, compassion towards a better understanding... I felt very strongly the presence of many of our friends from all over the earth. I would like to take this opportunity to very humbly to thank all our friends were there with us, whether in soul, spirit or otherwise… Thank you! Shukran! Toda!

After dinner we enjoyed listening to the ‘Sounds & Visions’ ethnic music band, who came voluntarily all the way from the northern part of Israel to share their talent with us.

Saturday we visited Jabalya, which is the largest refugee camp in Palestine, with a population of around 80,000. That was the first time we were allowed to walk almost freely in the streets of the camp, meet the people and most of all the children. We had the great honor to be directed by Dr. Izzeldin Abuleish, who was born in the camp and is still a resident. Dr. Abuleish is the first and so far the only Palestinian physician that works full time in an Israeli hospital, Soroka University hospital in Be’er-Sheva. He is also a formal member of the Israeli Medical Association. This unhindered walk through the camp’s streets meant a lot to many of us. It was almost inevitable to envision these narrow alleys during the Intifada, while Israeli soldiers chasing after the children throwing stones at them. Unbelievable!

After visiting the camp we traveled through Gaza city, then to the new impressive airport in Rafah, the community center of the Red Crescent in Han-Yunes, which includes also a huge rehabilitation center, hospital, workshops for the disabled, small shops, an elegant theatre and hotel.

I thank you all for being with us, whether in spirit - ’ heart’ and soul - or physically. Thank you for your trust and love. I pray for many of you, no matter where your are on earth, to allow me to take you to Gaza again and again. I will naturally appreciate your opinions and new ideas how to urge the revealing of the desired Peace towards the coming millenium, a thousand years of Peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

It is a great honor for me to share this with you. Thank you!

Love - Hagit

Ps. The next visit will be on the Muslim sacred holiday Eid El Phiter which ends the Rammadan, during the first weekend of January. Click here for details or contact me about joining!

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Lighting Candles in Gaza

Photos by Uzi Keren


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