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PeaceWatch and Viewpoints are news and opinion letters sent about once or twice a week on average. PeaceWatch contains contains full length articles. Viewpoints usually contains formal comments, exchanges of letters and replies by MidEastWeb and PEACE members. They may also contain announcements of activities, and accounts of dialog or peace activities that were held by other groups, as well as descriptions of new features at the MidEastWeb Web site, news headlines and exceptionally bulletins.

Peacewatch and Viewpoints mailings are archived in the list archives at http://www.yahoogroups.com/mew/messages. Articles can be viewed more conveniently at MidEastWeb MewZine and at Peacewatch.

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You cannot send mail directly to all mideastweb list members - you can join the Electronic dialog to express your opinions in a forum, or you can submit an original article or comment to MideastWeb at .

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MidEastWeb rarely sends more than one letter a day, so there is no reason to use the digest command.

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PeaceWatch and Viewpoints are not intended for informal comments, flash newsbulletins or quick dialog exchanges. They cannot fulfill that function because they are edited and editing takes time. PeaceWatch/Viewpoints readers do not want cluttered mailboxes as we have learned to our sorrow, so mailings are brief.

To allow for quick comments, announcements of activities and uncensored dialog, we have set up the MideasWebDialog list, an unrestricted list where you can post whatever you wish, as long as it is about the Middle East and follows our guidelines. Click here to learn more.

MidEast Web newsletters and e-dialogs are open to anyone who is interested in the Middle East in general, and in dialog and peace in the Middle East in particular. MidEast Web does not endorse any political party and is not connected with any political organization or any government agency in any country.

Postings to PeaceWatch/Viewpoints and to the MidEastWebDialog should follow the MEW Guidelines.

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