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The "Nemashim" Project is a path breaking initiative that runs a two-year program for Jewish and Palestinian youth. In the first year, high school students from all sectors of Israeli society participate in monthly theater workshops. In the second year, students who have graduated from high school and excelled in the workshop series live together for one year of community service. They learn to use theater as a means to develop dialogue, mutual respect and understanding and then teach those same skills to others. The group is made of 6 to 8 Israelis of Jewish and Arab origin who live together in a flat, within a settlement of a mixed population (eastern Haifa). Together we prepare and create theatre programs that focus on promoting peace and understanding, under the guidance of Khitam Na'amna and Uri Shani, who have extensive experience in work of theatre and Jewish-Arab dialogue and meetings.


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       To bring together youth of the two different nations living side by side in Israel.

       To learn and look at different points of view, identities, culture and behavior within the group as well as in the community surrounding it.

       To encourage and increase meetings between young Arabs and Jews around Israel, voicing problems, questions and ideas.

       To decrease tensions between Arab and Jews in the community in which we live.

       To realize a better reality through theatre.

       To create a supportive environment for all the objectives above.

       To experience communal life

       To work towards a continuance of this project




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The project was supported by the olive-oil-foundation, the Church of Bern-Jura, the Bloch-foundation and by the Muste-Foundation.




Association of Professional Theatre for Children and Young People (APT)

Living Room Dialogue Group


the Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory

theatre without borders 





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