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Peace Child New Israel Fund Donations

New Procedures for Donations through New Israel Fund


PCI Code 5753

As of January 1, 2009 the New Israel Fund has assigned a code for donations to Peace Child Israel.  This code 5753 must appear on checks and/or on the on-line contributions through the NIF website:  Only donations of $100 or more will  be processed by the New Israel Fund.

 Your support is very much needed and appreciated this year.  Thank you.



Finale of June 26th 20th anniversary celebration


 Mail the check to one of the following addresses:



United Kingdom Canada
New Israel Fund
PO Box 91588
Washington, D.C. 22003-1588
New Israel Fund
26 Enford Street
London W1H 2DD, UK
New Israel Fund of Canada
801 Eglinton Avenue W, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario M5N 1E3

NIF in Israel:

Hakeren Hahadasha LeYisrael

 Yad Harutzim 9

POB 53410

Jerusalem 91534

Online Credit Card donations and more information about New Israel Fund:

 New Israel Fund USA Web Site  New Israel Fund - Israel Web Site

Send direct contributions to:

Peace Child Israel

P.O. Box 57431 Tel Aviv, 61573

Tel:  (972-3) 730-0481  Fax:  (972-3) 730-0695


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