Midde East Dialog & Peace Organizations and Political Parties

Al-Haq Online Law in the Service of Man

Alternative Information Center (AIC) Israeli-Palestinian action and information group

Amana Israel - Settlement organization

Americans for a Third Way in the Middle East - "Daily links to voices of moderation". "

Americans for Middle East Understanding 

Americans for a Safe Israel - Israel - Right wing organization, focus on terror, PNA statements..

Arab Association for Human Rights Israel

Association of Forty

Australian Jewish Democratic Society Progressive Jewish Group that runs a peace education program. Web site includes news, articles and links.

Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Refugee & Residency Rights Palestine

Bat-Shalom  Israel/Palestine Women's Organization for peace

Betselem Israel -Leftist Human rights organization that monitors building in Jerusalem etc.

Beyond Blame - Middle East Peace and Dialog Links

Bir Zeit University Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites "Offers Web surfers direct access to categorized reviews of all websites published, mostly, by individuals and organizations located in Palestine." 

Brit Tzedek v' Shalom -  New national (USA) "Pro-Israel, Anti-Occupation" membership organization.

Canadian Friends of Peace Now  Canadian arm of Israeli Shalom Achshav (Peace Now).

Chabad The Habad orthodox Jewish movement

Chadash Israel Communist Party

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Churches for Middle East Peace

Deir Yassin Remembered US group commemorating the Deir Yassin Massacre of 1948

Dignify - Articles and links related to the US occupation of Iraq

Dor Shalom Peace organization set up after assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (Hebrew)

Emet - Israeli Citizens Against Apathy - Extreme rightist Zionist organization

Fateh The Fatah political group (PNA majority party)

Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace -  "A network of faculty endeavoring to achieve peace in the Middle East".

Focus on Palestine

Gamla Israel settler lobby group.

Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP)

Global Issues - Middle East and other activist issues

Gush Shalom Founded by veteran peace activist Uri Avneri.

Hamas Unoffical Website of the Hamas fundamentalist party (in English)

Hizbollah -  Official Hizbolla site in Arabic and in English.

Hezbollah -  Unofficial Hizbollah Web site in English only.

ICAHD-Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions


Interfaith Encounter Association - Interfaith encounters in Israel

Interfaith Witness for Peace in the Middle East USA group active in promoting peace and people to people dialog in the Middle East.

Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI) - an umbrella organization of over 70 Jewish, Muslim and Christian institutions actively working towards interreligious and intercultural understanding in Israel and the region.

International Solidarity Movement - pro Palestinian group.

IPCRI- Israel / Palestine Center for Research and Information   Joint Israeli-Palestinian think-tank

IRIS Right-Wing Zionist organization

Jaffa Online

Jewish Defense League - Extreme Right wing Zionist

Jewish Friends of Palestine

Jewish Peace Fellowship Peace oriented group in U.S

Jewish Peace News

Jewish Peace Thread

Jewish Voice for Peace

Jews Against the Occupation

Just Peace Technologies

Kahana Chai Zionist - Extreme right followers of Meir Cahana

Ladah - Charitable organization and culture

LAW   The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment

Likud Holland - Dutch/English Web site with information about Israel from the Likud (Israeli right) Perspective.

Meimad Israel pro-peace religious party

Meretz Israeli pro-peace party Hebrew and English: platform, opinion polls - write to Members of Knesset

Meretz USA

Middle East Children's Alliance

MIFTAH The Palestinian Initiative for Promotion of Peace and Democracy

MishMarot Hashalom Israel- Meets each Friday at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

Mothers for Peace-International - Founded in the wake of 9-11, Muslims, Christians & Jews educate for peace.

Motivation Circle - promotes integrated living in Israel


New Israel Fund USA - Sponsors peace groups and activities

New Profile - Israeli feminist peace group .

Neve Shalom / Wahat El Salaam Jewish/Arab village - conducts dialogs.

Occupational Hazard - Israeli peace site (a pun om "occupation")

Organization of Rabbis for the People of Israel - Israel - Right-Wing religious organization of Bnei Akiva Rabbis (Ichud Harabanim)

Other Israel Israel - Leftist/peace organization

Oz ve Shalom Israel - Oz ve Shalom is an Israeli religious group for peace, with a detailed peace settlement plan

Palestinian Association For Vocational Training  

Palestinian Center for Rapprochement

Palestinian Council for Justice and Peace

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group

Physicians for Human Rights - Israel

Passia Palestine Society for the Study of International Affairs

PEACE  Mid-East Arab/Jewish Dialog and Peace action group (Israel/Jordan).

Peoples Peace Campaign - Israel-Palestinian peace coalition.

Peace Now Israel- Shalom Achshav, Israel’s oldest and largest peace movement

Peace Now USA - Americans for Peace Now organization

Peace Now Chicago - Chicago Branch of Peace Now has their own Web site and resources.

Place 4 Peace

Professors for a Strong Israel - Israel- Right wing Israeli academic group.

Qantara - Web site devoted to dialog with Islam

Rabbis for Human Rights

Refuser Solidarity Network  

Religious Freedoms USA - promotes interfaith tolerance.  

Reut Sadaka Israel- Promotes dialog between Israeli and Arab youth

Sabeel - Christian Palestinian Group

SalaamCanada - Gay Arabs in Canada

Seeds of Peace

Shalom Center Rabbi Waskow's progressive Jewish movement, home of the Break the Silence Campaign

Shefa Fund

Shimon Peres Peace Center - Israel- Economic cooperation organization founded by the ex-prime-minister

Support Sanity - Campaign to build massive support for Israeli-Palestinian peace and a  two state solution.

Syria Human Rights Committee - News and human rights campaigns

Ta'ayush "Arab-Jewish Partnership"

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR)

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Palestine- Independent statistical organization>

The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights

Tikkun Community - Reconstructionist Jewish (USA) peace group

United Religons Initiative - URI

Women in Green - Israel- extreme right group - writings by founder Nadia Matar and others

Yakar  Jerusalem, Israel group devoted to dialog both within Jewish society and between Arabs and Jews.

Yesh Gvul - Israeli peace group

Yesha Council - Israel- Settler’s council

Zionist Organization of America - Zionist- Right wing and not necessarily representative of Zionism.

World Peace Groups and Resources

http://www.compeace.org - Peace and dialog resources for the world community.
www.PeaceMiracles.com -
Chronicles recent breakthroughs for peace all over the world.

Home Page of Michael Holmboe Meyer and IFLAC in Norway and Scandinavia.