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"If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children."    Mahatma Gandhi

The Pieces for Peace mosaic is an   Israeli-Palestinian art-dialogue project for children.

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More than 150 Palestinian and Israeli youth have met over the last 3 years to create 330 square feet of mosaic.

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This work of art is being painstakingly created from thousands of mosaic tiles. mos_2.jpg (12160 bytes)
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mos_3.jpg (8046 bytes) The finished mosaic project will be placed in a park on the Israel-Palestine border. 

The mosaic promises a fear-free future, and we hope it will be a meeting place for the peoples of the region and the world.*

Your help is welcome. To contact us please call: Adi Yekutieli, Israeli Co-Director at: 972-52-515223, Suhair Fritach, Palestinian Co-Director at: 972-50-611437 Yael Nativ, Israeli Co-Chair at: 972-52-309450 Ahmad Bwerat, Arab-Israeli Educational Coordinator at: 972-54-793484.

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Peace Process: Letter to Summit Participants

The Israeli - Palestinian Art for Peace coalition that sponsors the Peace Mosaic sent the following letter to President Clinton, Chairman Arafat and PM Ehud Barak, encouraging them in their efforts to reach peace at the Camp David summit meeting.

July 16, 2000

To the attention of,

Mr. Clinton, The President of the United States,

Mr. Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel

Chairman Arafat, Palestinian National Authority

Dear Leaders,

We are a group of Israelis and Palestinians from this region, devoting time and effort to sustain a day to day normalization in the relationship between people of the two communities. We believe that a true Peace is possible only through a direct human interaction between all sides.

When we began to paint together, neither of us, Israelis or Palestinians did not know the image of Peace, but only many images of war and Fear. With time, as we met and worked together, artists, children and families , images of Peace and non-Fear evolved and created a hopeful and meaningful picture of a new reality.

The future of our region is slowly revealed, as an old mosaic excavated underneath many layers. However, we, the younger generation, do not wish to stay in the past of history of war and conflict. We seek to reveal our own future , such without Fear.

In the course of these days, when the three of you are working hard to reach a peace agreement, we wish to express our support of the process of Peace, and to ask you to remember us, the young generation.

We send our hopes and dreams embedded in a large mosaic peace in which are concealed many hours of hard work, (same as in making peace), putting together stone to stone. These stones will create the path for a new era. Creating Peace, just as creating the mosaic, needs devotion, persistence, attentiveness and understanding.

We are asking you to carry us in you hearts when you sit at the negotiation table. We truly hope that you will come back to us with a promise of a better future for us. The mosaic reveals the possibility of a life without Fear. The images reveal the true will of the young generation in this area in living together in peace.

Pieces for Peace mosaic project is an educational Israeli-Palestinian dialogue project initiated by the Foundation for Art in the Community and Cross-Cultural Dialogue (FACCD). More than 150 Palestinian and Israeli youth met over the last 3 years to create 330 sqf of mosaic. The mosaic, an on going project culminating in 3000 feet of mosaic, will be located on the borderline between Israel and Palestine, surrounded by a natural park. As a monument of Peace, a mosaic reveals a future without Fear; it will serve as a meeting place for the peoples of the region, and the world.

We send our blessing for the success of the peace agreement, and hope that as we grow to become active citizens of our countries, we will raise our children to live together.


Truly yours,

91, and more, Israeli, Palestinian and Arab-Israeli children, instructors, supporters and families:

Sliman Mansour - PNA, Edna Gat- Israel, Yael Nativ , Israel, Adi Yekutieli , Israel, Noam Topelberg , Israel, Ahmad Bweerat ,Arab Israeli, Yahia Kamal , PNA, Suhair Freitakh , PNA, Orli Senior-Niv - Israel, Hadas Tamir - Israel, Taleb Duweik , PNA, Rania Handia , PNA, Moeid Hit , Arab-Israeli, Moamen Hatib , Arab-Israeli, Nataly Dotan , Israel, Salma Samara , Arab-Israeli, Shaul Mugrabi-Berger-Israel, Ahmed Naser , Baalata Refugee Camp, Na'ama Zarfati , Israel, Iman Jamal Asalah - Arab-Israeli, Uri Mazl-Tov , Israeli, Mai Viral Akal , Arab-Israeli, Nadia Badweeya , Arab-Israeli, Inbal Sarid , Israel, Lael Atnick ,Israel, Hanan Jamal Masalah , Arab-Isreali, Michal Friedman , Israel, Akel Rania , Arab Israeli, Erez Ronen , Israel, Ramah Goufid , Arab-Israeli, Max Olearchik , Israeli, Mariam Kasem Younes , Arab-Israeli, Roy Kainan - Israeli, Rotem Noiman , Israel, Ahmad Harb , Balata Refugee Camp, Liron Noiman , Israel, Ahmed Kuvalani , Balata Refugee Camp, Yael Shahar , Israel, Mahmud Kader , Balata refugee Camp, Keren Adler , Israel, Ahmd Zyyat , Balata Refugee Camp, Adaya Atnick , Israel, Neta Baron , Israel, Shalah Hanan ,Balata refugee Camp, Hila Drucker , Israel, Mahmud Barakot , Balata Refugee Camp, Ayala Barnea , Israel, Ahmed Al Masri , Balata Refugee Camp,Irit Lerner , Israel, Rami Jaarem , Balata Refugee Camp, Shuli Briskin , Israel, Mahdi Hamedan , Balata Refugee Camp, Sari Gal - Israel, Muhamad Ednan , Balata refugee Camp, Kavitha Rao - USA, Gal Nativ - Israel, Muhamad Juam Badawee , Balata Refugee Camp, Kristin Kato - USA, Anes Duwiek - PNA, Ma'ayan Yosef - Israel, Ruan Kagal - PNA, Noa Yekutieli - Israel, Lara Kagal - Israel, Ofer Nativ - Israel, Rana Abu Liel , PNA, Or Nativ - Israel, Raba Abul Liel , PNA, Adam Yekutieli - Israel, Edna Munk - Israel, Ruan Hashim - PNA, Irit Zarfati - Israel, Dugah Duwiek - PNA, Tami Gur , Israel, Mary Ann denin - USA, Shirabe Yamada - USA, Tamar Lerner - Israel, Eitan Kedmi - Israel, Dorit Baline - Israel, Gad Horn - Israel, Said Ananbousi , Arab-Israeli, Thea Farhadian - USA, Walid Ja'rim , PNA, Lliliane Csuka , Switzerland, Avinoam Mamanov - Israel, Shaher Al Badawi , Balata Refugee Camp, Taiseer Nasrallah , Balata Refugee Camp, Simone Levi - Switzerland, Adnan Abu Islaih - PNA, Hafez Omar - PNA, Iibrahim Hafi - PNA, Elan Frank - Israel, Kamal Kamal , PNA….

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