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Let us Make the Poem a Reality

Poems, in Arabic, English and Hebrew by young people of all ages - especially about peace and reconciliation, especially if they are related to the Middle East. Poems by people from the Middle East - just to show we  all have the same souls and thoughts - and that genius does not belong to one people or one region - and to show off our great culture to the peoples of the world.

Jerusalem - Naomi Shehab Nye - & Words by the Iranian Poet Sa'di

Why We Cry - David Katz  - War and peace in Jerusalem

Tzama (Thirst) - Marjorie Rosenfeld - Peace for Israel and Palestine

Here there spring - Marjorie Rosenfeld

From Haifa to Near Faraway Cairo

Ada Aharoni is an Israeli poet, writer and professor. Ada was born in Cairo, lives in Haifa, and is  President of IFLAC: PAVE PEACE, the International Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace. She writes in Hebrew and English, and her works have been translated into Arabic. Ada Aharoni sent a letter and the poem "From Haifa to Near Faraway Cairo to Egyptian President Sadat in 1977. This poem prompted Sadat to say, in his November 1977 address to the Israeli parliament (Knesset): "Let us make the poem a reality."

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A Bridge of Peace

Also called "To my sister, daughter of Ishmael" in Hebrew and Arabic, this poem speaks for itself.

The Sulha Pomegranate

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Eleven Poems About Lebanon

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Ada Aharoni's Web site is about using culture for dialog and features links to English versions of her Peace and Love poetry.

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