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Web Site Policies and Goals

Choice of Materials

Materials at the MidEastWeb Web site reflect the MidEastWeb group goals and  mission:

If you find errors or unfair imbalance in any materials at MidEastWeb, please report the problem to us, explaining exactly why you you think the item or account is incorrect or unfair.


In an effort to give you broad access to information, MidEastWeb links to Web sites of many different groups, including Palestinian and Israeli news sources and organizations, as well as peace groups. MidEastWeb is not responsible in any way for the contents of those sites, some of which are necessarily biased and/or inflammatory.

Visitor Participation and Feedback

MidEastWeb is an interactive site that invites visitor participation, including feedback to correct errors,  contributions of articles and constructive comments. We will post interesting original materials. We will answer all fair queries. Do not expect us to do your research or homework for you. Do not expect us to agree with one sided or racist characterizations of the conflict. Letters to MidEastWeb become property of MidEastWeb and may be circulated, with the name and e-mail of the originator.

Copyright Policy

MidEastWeb does not post copyright materials without the author's permission. With the exception of public domain documents, jokes, and articles circulated through the MidEastWeb News Service, all materials on MidEastWeb are original or, exceptionally, copied by permission. Do not send us material for posting that has been posted elsewhere. Do not copy any MidEast Web materials to your Web site for any reason. All other non-profit uses are encouraged as long as the URL of the Web Site is given: http://www.mideastweb.org . You can print out MidEastWeb materials for classroom or discussion group use and send them to others by email - Please do!

MidEastWeb Group Composition and Support

MidEastWeb founders and the MidEastWeb group include people from all over the world united for coexistence and progress in the Middle East. MidEastWeb is registered as an NGO in Israel for purposes of administration and fundraising. MidEastWeb receives no grants from any agency. The authors and editors of the MidEastWeb News service receive no payment. MidEastWeb is "a visitor supported Web Site" and we depend on your help.


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