Time Line of Second (Al-Aqsa) Intifada

Chronology of Intifada events since 2000
The Middle East

Important Notes - These tables include the most important incidents, especially assassinations or attacks in which more than 3 or 4 people were killed. No attempt was made to catalogue every fatality and incident. Fatality figures are based on Betselem and Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports. The Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS) has consistently higher (about to 20-30%) numbers for Palestinian fatalities than Betselem. Fatalities do not include Palestinians killed in internecine violence, but may include those allegedly killed by settlers in road accidents, those killed in "work accidents," suicide bombers who blew themselves up, and Palestinians who allegedly died because of delays at checkpoints.

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Second Intifada Background

April 16, 1993 First Hamas suicide attack at Mehola Junction in the West Bank. A  car bomb blew up outside a small restaurant. The suicide bomber and one Israeli were killed.
Sept. 13, 1993 Oslo Declaration of Principles - Israel and PLO agree to mutual recognition, Yasser Arafat  and PLO will be allowed to return to Gaza. PLO and Palestinian leadership renounce violence and use of terrorism, and agree to revise the PLO charter to remove chapters referring to destruction of Israel. Over the next, years, Israel withdraws from a small area (Area A) that is given to Palestinian sovereignty, a larger area (Area B) is given to Palestinian civil control only, while a third area of the West Bank and Gaza strip remains under total Israeli control. Israel does not dismantle any settlements, and the number of settlers and new settlements increases considerably.
Sept 28, 1995 Oslo Interim Agreement signed. This is the basis of the Palestinian National Authority. It allows elections for the authority, but participants must agree to renounce violence
May 17, 1999 Israel elects Labor party leader and Former General Ehud Barak as Prime Minister in a landslide. Barak promises rapid progress toward peace.
April, 2000 Israelis and Palestinians meeting in Eilat reportedly agree on map of final settlement; Palestinians later withdraw their agreement or deny it.
May 15, 2000 Knesset was to have passed law ceding Abu Dis (Jerusalem suburb) as Palestinian capital. However Palestinian Nakba day commemorations erupt into violence, with PA police shooting at Israelis.
May 2000 Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon to international border is completed after many years of harassment by Hizbullah guerillas. UN declares Israel is compliant with Resolution 425, but the Hizbullah continues to harass Israeli positions, kidnapping three Israeli soldiers later in the summer. Palestinians state that this example of victory through armed force inspired the Al-Aqsa Intifada.
July, 2000 Israeli PM Barak, US President Clinton and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat meet at Camp David in a failed attempt to hammer out a final settlement.
Sept 20, 2000 Arafat, Barak meet at Barak's home for the first time since the Camp David summit. After the 3-hr. meeting, during which Clinton phoned Arafat, Israel and the PA announced that their senior negotiators will go to Washington in the next few days to meet with the U.S. peace team, possibly to hold three-way talks.
Sept 15-18, 2000 Large demonstrations in Israel, Palestinian territories, London, Washington in support of "Right of Return" of 1948 Palestinian refugees. In demonstrations organized by Palestinian Authority, demonstrators carry signs that say "Haifa," "Birsaba" "Beisan"  etc. naming towns inside green line Israel. 
Sept 27, 2000 Israeli Sergeant Biri killed by bomb in Gaza.

Second Intifada Begins

Sept. 28, 2000 Ariel Sharon on Temple Mount - "Official" start of the Second Intifada. Palestinians initiated riots after Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, which is also the location of Al-Aqsa mosque and Haram as Sharif, holy to Muslims. Violence was apparently encouraged by Fatah, as admitted by Marwan Barghouti. Violence escalated rapidly from rock throwing to machine gun and mortar fire, suicide bombings and lethal road ambushes, including some incidents instigated by settlers against Palestinians.  Israelis killed 15 Israeli Arabs in riots in September/October 2000, and nearly 5,000 Palestinians in retaliatory raids thereafter. Palestinians kill over 1,000 Israelis. Violence continued for several years and abated, but did not end, following the death of Yasser Arafat.
Sept 29, 2000 Riots on Temple Mount (Haram as Sharif) leave 6-7 Palestinians dead; Border Police Supt. Yosef Tabeja, 27, of Ramle killed by his Palestinian counterpart on a joint patrol near Kalkilya.
Sept 30, 2000 Mohamed Al-Dura - French Television releases film purportedly showing killing of 12 year old Muhamad Al Dura by Israeli soldiers. Additional Palestinians killed including minors killed in demonstrations and riots.
Sep Intifada Dead Palestinians: 16; Israeli 3
Oct, 1-8, 2000 Widespread riots and Palestinian casualties. In Israel, Israeli Arabs riot, close Wadi Ara road. Israeli police kill about 15 Arab citizens. International mediation efforts and calm agreements have no effect.
Oct. ? 2000 Popular Resistance Committees founded by Jamil Abu Samhadana in Gaza from dissident Islamist ex-Fatah Tanzim and other groups who ar committed to Jihad and genocide of the Jews. Evidently this organization is funded by the Hezbollah. The Popular Resistance Committees carried out their first recorded attack on October , 2000.  
Oct. 7, 2000 IDF  turns over Joseph's Tomb to the Palestinians because position cannot be held. Palestinian security promise to safeguard the tomb and guarantee access. Palestinians celebrating the IDF pullback overrun the Palestinian security forces, destroy the tomb, kill IDF soldier.
Oct 12, 2000 Ramallah Lynching - Oct 12, 2000 - First Cpl. Yosef Avrahami and First Sgt. Vadim Norzhich, 33, two reserve IDF soldiers, were lynched at about 9:30 AM by a Palestinian mob at the police building in Ramallah. One body was thrown out the window, a second was seen dangling from a rope. The lynching was filmed by RAI Italian television and shown around the world. The bodies were mutilated and dragged to the town square. Israeli retaliatory helicopter attacks destroyed the Ramallah radio station and wounded 27.

Israel tracked down 6 of the key lynch perpetrators:

* Aziz Salha, from the village of Deir Jarir was arrested in 2001. He was one of those who broke in to the station and choked one of the soldiers while others beat him bloody. He was filmed waving his bloody hands at the window. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Vadim Norzich and jailed for life.

* Muhammad Howara, 18 a Tanzim member who participated in the murders, was arrested in 2001.

* Ziad Hamdada, 27, year-old Fatah Tanzim operative, set fire to the body of one of the Israeli reservists. He was arrested in 2002.

* In 2005 Mohamed Abu Ida, a former member of the Palestinian police force in Ramallah, was arrested. He admitted having led the soldiers to the police station and joining the other rioters.

* On September 26, 2007, Israel captured Haiman Zabin, 36-years old while he was planning a new terror attack. He was later identified as the last of the 6 involved in the lynching.

Oct 13, 2000 Violence begins to abate after IDF deploys tanks to seal off roads.
Oct. 17, 2000 Sharm El Sheik Conference hosted by President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt ends in promises to end violence, results in formation of the Mitchell commission.
Oct 21-22, 2000 Extraordinary Arab League Summit  hosted by President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt  commends and praises the Intifada, backs hard line positions of Palestinians.
Oct Intifada Dead Palestinians: 104; Israelis: 10
Nov. 1, 2000 Israeli-Palestinian clashes increase sharply, 3 IDF soldiers dead Nov 1, 4 wounded in gunfights with Palestinians and 6 Palestinians dead, 140 wounded by the IDF. In subsequent days casualties increase as IDF attempts to restore order. Palestinians killed or wounded every day in November.
Nov 7, 2000 U.S. appoints Mitchell commission  to investigate the causes of the violence, make recommendations.
Nov  9, 2000 Fruitless Arafat-Clinton meeting in Washington.

Israel kills senior Fatah commander Hussayn Ubayyat in Bayt Sahur, t

Nov 15, 2000 Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify. 8 Palestinians and 1 IDF soldier are killed during a gun battle outside Gush Katif settlement in Gaza; the IDF confirms that the soldier is killed by IDF gunfire, 6 of Palestinians are likely killed by settler gunfire. Nr. Rachel's Tomb, an American photographer is seriously wounded by live ammunition fired by the IDF. The IDF shells an unfinished building al-Bireh, killing 2 Fatah members. one Palestinian is fatally shot at Erez crossing. 3 Palestinians die of injuries received earlier. IDF shelling, heavy machine gun fire is reported in Hebron, Nablus.
Nov 20, 2000 Popular Resistance Committees bomb in Gaza kills 2 Israelis; IDF retaliation kills 3 Palestinians.
Nov 22, 2000


9 Palestinians dead, including senior Fatah official Jamal `Abd al-Razik, whose car is ambushed and strafed by IDF troops.

Palestinian bomb in Hedera kills 2.

Nov 23, 2000


2 Palestinians dead, including Hamas member Ibrahim Bani Odeh, who dies when a car bomb explodes in Nablus.

Palestinian DCO bomb and Palestinian firing kill two Israeli solders in Gaza.

In an interview, Mahmoud Abbas explains why negotiations failed: Palestinians insist on right of return of refugees, full Israeli withdrawal to lines of 1949 and do not recognize any Israeli rights in East Jerusalem including the old city.

Nov 24, 2000 5 Palestinian dead, including senior DFLP member. Firas Qasim Saba'na,  killed by IDF in Jenin. Palestinians kill Israeli soldier in Gaza, settler in West Bank.
Nov 27, 2000


Start of firing on Gilo: First day of Ramadan, Israel eases restrictions on the passage of goods, fuel through Qarni crossing. Palestinian machine gun fire on Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem from Beit Jala and IDF response.

IDF inquiry concludes Mohamed al Dura may have been killed by Palestinian fire. No body is ever produced for examination.

Nov Intifada Dead Palestinians: 112; Israelis:22
Dec, 2000 Talks begun in Washington DC and continued at Taba to January 2001 in different venues, end inconclusively.
Dec 8, 2000 On second Friday of Ramadan Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate sharply. 7 Palestinians, 2 Jewish settlers, 1 IDF soldier dead. 5 of the Palestinians are killed when IDF tanks open fire on a Palestinian police post in  Jenin; 15,000 Palestinians march in Jenin to protest.

Ehud Barak tightens the blockade on Palestinian villages, which had been eased slightly for Ramadan.

50 Jewish settlers rampage through the Arab section of Hebron, damaging Palestinian property, occupying a Palestinian home. Settlers also attempt to occupy 3 Palestinian homes in Banidar, Musharqat al-Fawqan.

Dec 9, 2000 Ehud Barak announces resignation, new elections. 
Dec 12, 2000


IDF shoots senior Fatah member. Yusif Abu Sawi and 2 additional Palestinians die in clashes.

U.S. envoy Dennis Ross meet with Yasser Arafat in Rabat in attempt to abate violence.

Dec 14, 2000


Senior Hamas Hani Abu Bakir killed by IDF in Gaza.

Arafat, Israeli FM Ben-Ami, Israeli chief negotiator Sher

Dec 15, 2000 8 Palestinians dead, including senior Islamic Jihad member Sa'ir al-Khruf
Dec 17, 2000


Israelis and Palestinians agree to talks in Washington.

5 Palestinians killed; a 6th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In Qalandiyya, Senior Fatah member Samih Malabi killed when his phone explodes

Dec 18, 2000 Start of Israel-Palestinian-US Washington talks at Bolling AFB. Talks continue with several meetings in White House to December 23.
Dec 23, 2000


US President Clinton, and Secretary of State Albright hold a 2d meeting. with Israeli FM Ben-Ami and Saeeb Erekat at the White House. Clinton presents the teams with proposed "parameters" for a final status agreement. based on his understanding of the points of accord reached at Camp David. Clinton requests Arafat, Barak tell him by 12/27 if they accept the parameters as a basis for further negotiations, in which case he will invite them to Washington. See: The Clinton Bridging Proposals  
Dec 27, 2000


Barak conditionally accepts Clinton's  peace proposals as a basis for discussion but says Israel seeks clarification on some points. Arafat says the PA cannot accept or reject the proposals without additional information, forwards Clinton a list of clarifying questions. Essentially, Arafat rejected the proposals. Secret Israeli-Palestinian negotiations produce no progress.
Dec Intifada Dead Palestinians: 51; Israelis:8
Jan 7-8, 2001 CIA Director Tenet meets with, Gaza Preventive Security head Mohamed Dahlan, West Bank Preventive Security head Jibril Rajub, Israeli military intelligence chief Avi Dichter in Cairo to discuss reviving security cooperation, halting violence.
Jan 18, 2001 Israeli Ofir Rahum found dead after being lured to Palestinian territories over the Internet by  Palestinian girl.
Jan 21, 2001 Taba talks begin between Israelis and Palestinians. Talks end Jan 27. The Moratinos Non-Paper summarizes supposed progress at these meetings. However The Palestinian and Israel Proposals at Taba regarding the Refugee Problem reveal that Palestinians are maintaining hard stance on Right of Return of refugees, while Israel rejects massive return of refugees of 1948 war.

End of Clinton term; Bush President of the US.

Jan Intifada Dead Palestinians: 18; Israelis:6
Feb 6, 2001 Right-wing Likud leader Ariel Sharon elected Prime Minister in Israel replacing Ehud Barak and promising "peace and security."
Feb 9, 2001 Barak, US government declare Israeli proposals null and void as they were made in the framework of negotiations that expired.
Feb13, 2001 IDF kills Force 17 commander  Massud Ayyad by missile attack in Gaza; Israel claims Ayyad led a Gaza-based cell of Hezbollah,
Feb 14, 2001 Palestinian bus driver rams his vehicle into a bus stop full of Israelis in Holon, killing 7 IDF soldiers, 1 Israeli civilian, severely injuring 17 Israelis, mostly soldiers.
Feb 19, 2001 Hamas militant Mahmud Madani killed by IDF soldiers in Balata
Feb Intifada Dead Palestinians: 20; Israelis:12
March 4, 2001 Palestinian suicide bomber kills himself and 3 Israelis in Netanya suicide bombing, injures 66.

7 Palestinians dead in violence since March 2.

March 7, 2001 Israel unity government sworn in.
March 18, 2001 Start of mortar fire from Gaza: Palestinians fire 3 mortars from Gaza into Israel, landing inside an army base near  kibbutz Nahal Oz, lightly injuring 1 IDF soldier.
March 26, 2001 Israeli baby Shalhevet Pass, age 10 months, killed by sniper fire in Hebron settlement.
March 28, 2001


Suicide bombing at Mifgash Hashalom ("peace meeting place") gas station several hundred meters from an IDF roadblock near the entrance to Kalkilya, kills 2 Israeli minors, Four people were injured. Hamas claimed responsibility.
March 27-28,2001 Thirteenth Arab League summit in Beirut calls for renewal of Arab League Boycott against Israel, supports Intifada violence. 
Mar Intifada Dead Palestinians: 26; Israelis:8
April 1, 2001 Israeli commandos enter a PA-controlled area A for the first time, capture 6 Force 17 members, Palestinian sniper kills IDF soldier.

Jordan and Egypt issue a "non Paper" peace proposal leaked to Ha'aretz April 19. .

April 5, 2001 Senior Islamic Jihad member Iyad Hardan, killed by IDF in Jenin.
  Failed car bomb attempt of Israelis to kill Fatah Tanzim leader Nassir Abu Hmeid; Palestinians arrest 2 collaborators; bomb explodes when car is impounded by Palestinians.
April 14, 2001


IDF incursion in Gaza - IDF tanks, bulldozers enter Rafah; demolish the PA military intelligence headquarters, 17 Palestinian homes, 40 stores; damage 13 stores. Over 160 Palestinians are left homeless, 43 injured. An Egyptian woman on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border is wounded by gunfire.

A bomb explodes in the Gaza City home of Muhammad Nassar, a bodyguard for Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, killing Nassar, injuring 4; the PA says Nassar was preparing a bomb. Inside Israel, 2 bombs explode in Kfar Saba, destroying 2 cars, injuring 1 Palestinian (the alleged assailant).

Shimon Peres holding secret talks with Palestinians in this period.

April 16, 2001


After repeated mortar shelling, including shelling near Ariel Sharon's farm, IDF occupies 1 mile safety zone in northern Gaza.
April 30, 2001 Mitchell commission recommendations for restoration of peace, return to the negotiating table. Officially published in May after revisions.
Apr Intifada Dead Palestinians: 24; Israelis:7
May 4, 2001 Official presentation of Mitchell commission recommendations.
 May 7, 2001 IDF naval commandos captured the Santorini, a boat sailing in international waters towards Palestinian Authority-controlled Gaza, laden with weaponry. The shipment had been evidently been purchased by Ahmed Jibril's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command (PFLP-GC). The ship's value and that of its cargo was estimated at $10 million. The crew was reportedly planning to unload the cargo of weapons filled barrels off the coast off Gaza for recovery by the Palestinian Authority.

The IDF opens fire on Khan Yunis, killing a 4 month old Palestinian girl inside her home, wounding at least 23 Palestinians, including 10 minors. Israel apologizes for attack, which was in response to mortar fire.

May 9, 2001 Israelis Yossi Ish-Ran, 14, and Kobi Mandell, 14, both of Tekoa, were found stoned to death in a cave about 200 meters from the small community south of Jerusalem where they lived.
May 12, 2001  IDF attempts to kill Fatah Tanzim leader `Abd al-Karim Owais by firing 5 missiles fr. a helicopter at his car in Jenin, killing 1 passenger and 1 bystander, wounding 17, mostly students returning home fr. school.
May 15, 2001 Nakba day commemorations. Israeli-Palestinian clashes escalate. 5 Palestinians, 1 Israeli settler dead, some 250 Palestinians wounded. IDF kills 'Abd al-Hakim al-Manama, bodyguard of Hamas leader Shaykh Yasin, killing him and a passenger. In Ramallah,  IDF soldier shoots French TV reporter Bertrand Aguirre, who captures shooting on video; Aguirre escapes fatal injury because he is wearing a bulletproof vest.
May 18, 2001 Suicide Bombing in Netanya, Israel: Hamas suicide bomber kills 5 Israelis, injures 110. An IDF officer is  killed when his car is ambushed in the West Bank.

First use of war planes in Second Intifada - After dark, Israel sends F-16s to drop 1,100-lb. bombs on PA security targets in Gaza City, Nablus, Ramallah, and Tulkarm, killing 12 Palestinians, wounding 90.

May 20, 2001 Final presentation of Mitchell commission recommendations.
May 25, 2001


2 Islamic Jihad suicide bombers detonate a car bomb in Hadera, Israel, wounding 67. A Hamas suicide bomber tries to ram an IDF post in Gaza, but soldiers fire on his approaching vehicle, detonating it. IDF retaliates by destroying PNA police post.

Fatah militant Azzam `Abd al-Fatah Mezher is killed, 5 Fatah mmbers are wounded when their car explodes, apparently a "work accident."

May 27-29, 2001


U.S. special assistant Burns holds separate meetings. with Sharon, Arafat on implementing the Mitchell Commission recommendations; urges them to resume security talks, reconvenes talks on May 29, but no progress is made.
May 30 Islamic Jihad detonates a car bomb in Netanya, Israel, lightly injuring 8 Israelis. Another bomb is found, disarmed on the Jerusalem to Tel Aviv highway.
May Intifada Dead Palestinians: 45; Israelis:19
June 1, 2001 Dolphinarium Discotheque in Tel Aviv hit by suicide bomb, killing 20, including many teenagers. Islamic Jihad and Palestine Hizbulla both claim the bombing. Israel plans massive invasion of West Bank, but US pressures restrain it. Israel institutes a tight closure instead.
June 5, 2001 In Ramallah, senior Fatah militant Ashraf Bardawil is injured when a bomb in or near his car explodes. He dies June 7. Jewish baby wounded by stoning near Nablus, dies June 11.
June 9, 2001 Three Bedouin women killed in Gaza by IDF shelling.
June 11, 2001 Islamic Jihad militant Imad Abu Thyab is critically injured when his car explodes.
June 13, 2001 Tenet Plan - Calls for a week of quiet, followed  resumption of negotiations and Israeli withdrawals. The week of quiet never occurs. 
June 14, 2001 Implementation of Tenet plan begins. IDF withdraws tanks from some areas, makes other concessions.

Jewish settler group, the Brigade of Gilad and Shalhavet ambushes two Palestinian cars, June 13 and 14, killing 2.

June 18, 2001 Fatah faction kills  2 Israelis in the West Bank
June 21, 2001 About 150 Jewish settlers set fire to Palestinian cars, 15 dunum of wheat fields, some 1,700 olive trees near Nablus; attack farmers attempting to put out the fires.
June 24, 2001


Osama Jawabiri,  of the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades killed by a bomb planted in a public phone in Nablus
June 29-30, 2001 At a conference in Lisbon, Arafat, Peres hold talks on maintaining the cease-fire.
June Intifada Dead Palestinians: 13; Israelis:31
July 2, 2001 5 Palestinians die in Israeli actions. A 6th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. The IDF kills senior Islamic Jihad militant Waled Sadeq (or Sadek) Bisharat , and killing 2 passengers in missile attack.
July 10 2001


IDF bulldozes at least 17 Palestinian homes, 12 stores in Rafah refugee camp, leaving 150 Palestinians homeless and sparking a gunfight that leaves 5 Palestinians, 3 IDF soldiers wounded.
July 11 2001 IDF kills Palestinian taxi passenger after taxi tries to run through checkpoint.
July 15, 2001 2 Palestinians killed while preparing a bomb near Maccabiah stadium.

The IDF sends tanks into PA-controlled Hebron fr. 3 directions to destroy 5 Force 17 posts, wounding 9 Palestinians. Armed Jewish settlers occupy a Palestinian building in the city, fire on Palestinians, wounding 1. In Bethlehem, Israeli undercover agents kidnap senior Islamic Jihad mbr. Mahmud Hamdan.

July 17, 2001


The IDF assassinates Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades's Bethlehem regional commander Omar Saada, firing 2 wire-guided missiles at his home, also killing a Hamas colleague. When neighbors and relatives come to the scene to survey the damage, the IDF fires a 3d missile, killing Saada's brother (a peace activist) and a 4th Palestinian, wounding 10.

Palestinians fire mortars at Gilo for the first time.

July 19, 2001 Kach group (settler extremists) kills 3 Palestinians, 4 wounded in attack on car.
July 20, 2001


2 explosions rip through a Palestinian home next door to the local Fatah headquarters in Hebron, killing 2 Palestinians, including Fatah tanzim leader Raja Abu Rajab, and wounding 10. Palestinians claim it is an IDF assassination, IDF claims it is a "work accident."
July 23, 2001 IDF kills Islamic Jihad militant Mustafa Yassin in Anin during a raid on his home.
July 25, 2001 Israel kills senior Hamas militant Salah al-Din Darwaza, firing 5 antitank missiles at his car in  Nablus.
July 30, 2001


Explosion kills 6 Fatah militants near Jenin, 3 of whom are on Israel's most-wanted list, 1 of whom is a PA military intelligence officer.
July 31, 2001 IDF shells Hamas press office in Nablus, killing 8 Palestinians, wounding 7. Fatalities include Hamas militants Jamal Mansur, Jamal Salim, and Fahim Dawabsha; 2 journalists interviewing Mansur; 2 children outside the building.
July Intifada Dead Palestinians: 35; Israelis:10
Aug 2001 ?? The International Solidarity Movement was founded by August of 2001 (possibly earlier) by George N. Rishmawi, Ghassan Andoni, George Qassis, Adam Shapiro, and Huwaida Arraf, growing out of the basis of a small Bethlehem "reconciliation" group. ISM supports "nonviolence" but also "resistance" in all forms and sends activists to oppose IDF demolition of arms smuggling tunnels in Gaza. Its USA affiliate, Palestine Solidarity Movement, later partially disowned, outspokenly favors abolition of Israel and one state "solution."
Aug 5, 2001 IDF kills Hamas militant 'Amr Hadiri (or Omar Madiri), firing missiles at his car as he drives in Tulkarm. IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian allegedly planting a roadside bomb.

Palestinians kill Israeli pregnant woman in roadside ambush.

August 9, 2001 Sbarro pizzeria suicide bombing in Jerusalem by Islamic Jihad movement kills 15, wounds 130.

Palestinians kill Israeli in roadside ambush.

Israeli  occupies 10 PLO offices in East Jerusalem, including Orient House, detain 8 Orient House employees for questioning, confiscate files, remove the Palestinian flag, raise an Israeli flag. The IDF takes over the Abu Dis mayor's residence, several surrounding homes Israel claims are used as PA security command centers, marking the 1st reoccupation of sites in area B. Sharon declares Israel will not leave Abu Dis, Orient house to remain close. Captured explosives and documents in Orient House indicate it is used for planning illegal activities including money laundering.

August 12, 2001


In Kiryat Motzkin, a Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a device outside a cafe, wounding 15 Israelis.
August 12, 2001 The IDF attempts to kill Fatah Tanzim militant Ahmad Bisharat in Jenin, but fails.
August 22, 2001 IDF helicopters fire rockets in Gaza at a car driven by most-wanted Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades leader Muhammad Deif, his aide Adnan Ghul; both escape unhurt but an accompanying vehicle is hit, killing Ghul's son and a bodyguard.
August 25, 2001


al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants open fire on a car outside Givat Ze'ev in the West Bank, killing 3 Jewish settlers, wounding 2 children.

2  Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) militants infiltrate an IDF post near Gush Katif in Gaza, a killing 3 IDF soldiers and wounding 7 before they are killed.

al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants open fire on a car outside Givat Ze'ev in the West Bank, killing 3 Jewish settlers, wounding 2 children.

August 26, 2001 In retaliation for August 25 attacks, IDF dispatches F-15s and F-16s to bomb the PA Military Intelligence headquarters outside Gaza City and the Palestinian Security headquarters in Salfit, killing 1  officer, wounding 18 Palestinians. Also in Gaza City, IDF shells, destroys the Preventive Security headquarters  headquarters and bulldozes 2 Palestinian checkpoints; helicopters hover over Arafat's headquarters but do not fire. IDF also shells Palestinian police buildings and checkpoints in Tulkarm, al-Bireh, killing 1 officer.
Aug 27. 2001 Israel assassinates Abu Ali Mustafa, Secretary General of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine)
Aug 31. 2001 UN sponsored World Conference on Racism opens in Durban. Marked by NGO declarations that Zionism is racism and anti-Semitic rhetoric.
August Intifada Dead Palestinians: 35; Israelis: 28
Sept. 1, 2001 Top PA intelligence official, Col. Taysir Khattab, is killed in Gaza when a remote-controlled bomb in his car explodes
Sept. 6, 2001


The IDF fails in attempt to kill senior Fatah Tanzim militant  Raed Karmi, firing missiles at his car as he, 3 Tanzim militants drive through Tulkarm; Karmi (wanted for kidnapping, killing 2 Israelis in Tulkarm on Jan 23 is injured, 2 Tanzim militants killed.
Sept. 8, 2001


In an apparent assassination attempt on senior Fatah militant  Muhammad Mansur, the IDF fires rockets into the Fatah headquarters in a residential area of Ramallah, causing no injuries. Near Rafah, an explosion in a building known to be used by Tanzim kills 1.
Sept.9, 2001 An Israeli Arab suicide bomber detonates a device at a train station in  Israeli town of Nahariya, killing 3 Israelis, injuring 63, most lightly. In the Jordan Valley, Islamic Jihad  ambushes a minibus, killing 2 Jsraelis. Another Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a car bomb next to a bus in Beit Lid, killing only himself, injuring 3 Israelis.
Sept.10, 2001 Israeli incursion in Jenin, Sept 10-13, kills about 13 Palestinians
Sept. 11, 2001 Terror attacks on World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon carried out by fanatic Islamic Islamist Al-Qaeda group headed by Osama Bin Laden. Initiates US war on terror. Israel and Palestinians agree to cease fire, but it is not implemented.
Sept. 15, 2001 Israel initiates land, sea, air strikes against PA targets in the West Bank and Gaza, leaving 3 Palestinians dead and destroying the PA intelligence headquarters in Gaza City, the naval headquarters in Nussayrat, a PA police station in Rafah. Action is in response to mortar attacks staged from those areas.
Sept. 18, 2001 Temporary cease fire and withdrawal of Israeli forces from Jenin under US pressure. Arafat pressures Palestinians to stop armed actions. Truce actually has some effect especially beginning Sept 21.
Sept. 19, 2001 Fatah Force 17 member killed in Hebron clashes.
Sept. 20, 2001 Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades fire on a vehicle outside Tekoa settlement, killing 1 Israeli.
Sept. 28-30, 2001 PA organizes violent demonstrations to mark first anniversary of Intifada. Israel kills 13 Palestinians in 30 days. 
Sept. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 61; Israelis: 13
Oct., 2, 2001


Hamas raid Gaza Aley Sinai settlement, toss grenades into buildings and shoot IDF soldiers guarding the settlement as well as residents, kill 2 Israeli civilians, wound 7 soldiers and 8 civilians before being shot dead. Arafat orders Palestinian security to find the assailants. "Truce" declared at an end by Israel.

The IDF sends tanks, armored bulldozers into Gaza to carve out a 1-mile buffer zone around Alei Sinai on Oct. 3.

Oct. 4, 2001 Palestinian gunman  in IDF paratrooper uniform opens fire at the Afula bus station inside Israel, killing 3 Israelis, wounding 7 before being fatally shot by police.

Explosion seriously injuries senior Fatah militant. Rami Kamel

Oct. 5, 2001


Israel sends IDF infantry, tanks, armored bulldozers, and helicopters to occupy the PA-controlled sector of Hebron, leaving 6 Palestinians dead (two more on subsequent days), wounding at least 40, demolishing 3 homes, occupying 15 houses and 1 school.

IDF withdraws from Palestinian sector of Hebron Oct. 15,

Oct. 11, 2001


Senior Hamas militant Mustafa Rawajba killed in the West Bank, evidently while planting a bomb.

Israel announces it will honor cease fire under US pressure. Arafat calls on Hamas to honor cease fire.

Oct. 14, 2001 IDF kills senior Hamas militant 'Abd al-Rahman Hamad.

Cease fire meeting between Shimon Peres and Ahmed Qurei

Oct. 15, 2001 In London, Arafat meets with British PM Tony Blair, who calls for the creation of a "viable Palestinian state, as part of a negotiated and agreed settlement, which provides peace and security for Israel."

Hamas militant Hamad Marshud is killed when a device apparently planted by the IDF, explodes in a car outside his Nablus office

Oct., 17, 2001 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine assassinates Israeli tourism minister Rehav’am Ze’evi, known for extreme right-wing views, in retaliation for killing of Abu Ali Mustafa. After Palestine National Authority refuses to take effective action, Israeli troops enter Palestinian areas in the West Bank

Hamas militant Iyad al-Akhras is killed in an explosion in his Gaza home

Oct., 18, 2001


In retaliation for Zeevi assassination, IDF reoccupies areas A in Jenin, Nablus, and Ramallah, sending in tanks and troops, shelling buildings, killing 3 Palestinians.

In Bethlehem, 3 Palestinians, including Fatah Tanzim leader Atif Ubayyat, 1 of Israel's most wanted, are killed when an explosion destroys their car.

Oct., 20, 2001


The PA says it has arrested 20 PFLP militants. in connection with the Ze'evi assassination, and detains another 13 Oct 21, outlawing PFLP military wing. However, it refuses to extradite arrested members as per Israeli request. .
Oct., 22, 2001 IDF has entered or surrounded and cut off every major Palestinian population center in the West Bank, killing about 10 Palestinians.

Hamas Izzeddine al-Qassam  militant Ayman Abu Halawih is killed, his 3 passengers are injured when his car explodes in Nablus.

Oct., 24, 2001 IDF occupies Beit Rima in West Bank, kills 5 Palestinians. Addition 5 killed in clashes in West Bank. IDF withdraws Oct. 25.
Oct., 28, 2001 IDF withdraws from Bethlehem area under US pressure.
Oct., 29, 2001


The U.S. convenes another trilateral security committee meeting. to press Israel to withdraw from Jenin, Qalqilya, Ramallah, and Tulkarm. Israel refuses, and Sharon refuses again in telephone call with US Secretary of State Powell on October 31.
Oct. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 86; Israelis: 14
Nov., 1, 2001 IDF kills 2 Hamas, captures 3d.
Nov., 2, 2001 Peres, Arafat, Mubarak meet in Spain to discuss implementation of cease fire. Talks resume Nov. 5. 
Nov.3- 4, 2001 IDF kills two Palestinian Preventive Security Force members.

Islamic Jihad gunman opens fire on a bus in French Hill settlement in East Jerusalem, killing 2 Israelis and wounding around 50 before being shot dead.

Nov.5, 2001 IDF withdraws from Qalqilia.
Nov.6, 2001 Explosion kills 2 al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants, IDF evidently kills 3 more Palestinians.
Nov.12, 2001 The IDF raids village of  Tal, killing wanted Hamas militant. Muhammad Reihan, arresting around 40.
Nov.15, 2001 IDF send s12 tanks and armored vehicles, 6 bulldozers into Khan Yunis, firing shells and heavy machine guns at homes, killing 1 Palestinian, injuring at least 13, completely demolishing 15 Palestinian homes, partially destroying 11.
Nov.17, 2001 The IDF withdraws from Tulkarm. Remains only in Jenin.

US Secretary of State Powell announces first Zinni mission to implement Tenet plan.

Nov.19, 2001 The IDF kills 2 Palestinians planting a roadside bomb in the West Bank.

US Secretary of State Powell announces  Burns and Zinni mission to implement Tenet plan.

Nov.26, 2001 IDF withdraws from Jenin.

Special envoys Burns, Zinni arrive in Israel to begin work toward a cease-fire.

Nov.27, 2001 During visit of American envoys,2 Palestinian gunmen  from Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  open fire on a crowd in Afula, Israel, killing 2 Israelis, wounding 14 before being shot dead. A Palestinian sniper fatally shoots an Israeli settler driving in Gaza, wounds 3 others, is then killed by the IDF. Arafat pledges (again) to end violence.
Nov.28, 2001 Palestinian gunmen fire on Gilo; the IDF returns fire on Bayt Jala; no casualties are reported. The PSF begins an arrest campaign targeting Islamic Jihad, arresting 7, questioning 22 Palestinians affiliated with the group.
Nov.29, 2001 Suicide bombing on 823 bus kills 3 Israelis near Hedera; Islamic Jihad and Fatah claim responsibility.

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon arrives in the U.S. on an official visit, accuses PA Chairman Yasser Arafat of having built a "coalition of terror" against Israel

Nov. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 39; Israelis: 14
Dec. 1, 2001 Ben Yehuda market suicide bombing - 2 Hamas suicide bombers stage a synchronized attack in Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda st. Mall. Soon after, a car bomb explodes nearby. In total, 11 Israelis in total are killed or fatally wounded including 4 minors, around 180 are injured
Dec. 2, 2001 Egged bus #16 suicide bombing - Hamas attack,15 dead, including 5 over 65 years of age.
Dec. 9, 2001


IDF raid in Anabta  arrests some 25 Islamic Jihad suspects, the IDF opens fire on 2 cars , kills 4 Preventive Security Force officers, wounding 2; blows up 1 Palestinian home.

Hamas suicide bomber detonates a device in a Haifa bus station, lightly injuring 11 Israelis.

Dec. 10, 2001 IDF attempts to kill senior Islamic Jihad militant Muhammad Sidir by firing missiles at his car in Hebron; Sidir is injured, 2 Palestinian children are killed, 6 others are injured
Dec.12, 2001 IDF helicopters attack in Khan Yunis, killing 4 Palestinians, wounding 21, destroying 2 Force 17 buildings.

No.189 Dan bus and several passenger cars attacked by Fatah & Hamas with a roadside bomb, anti-tank grenades, and light arms fire near the entrance to Emmanuel.   Arafat orders the closure of all Hamas, Islamic Jihad offices, schools, clinics. Never implemented.

IDF begins major air strikes in retaliation. 

Dec.13, 2001  IDF cuts electricity to Gaza City, Ramallah; sends tanks and F-16s to shell the control tower at Gaza airport, the PA headquarters in Gaza City and Ramallah (Arafat is unharmed), the PA naval police offices in Bayt Lahia, and PSF and Fatah offices nr. Gaza City, Ramallah, and Jinin; blows up the main radio, TV transmitters in Ramallah; bulldozes the Palestinian Media Center offices in Ramallah; occupies the home of Fatah tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti; makes incursions into PA-controlled areas of Beit Hanun, Bayt Lahia, Beitunia, Jinin, Nablus, Ramallah, Sudaniyya, Tulkarm, al-Zahra; bulldozes Palestinian land in Rafah.  4 Palestinians are killed during the day; IDF shells strike the Friends Boys School, damaging 3 classrooms.
Dec.14, 2001  The IDF kills 8 Palestinians in clashes (including 6 Preventive Security officers in Salfit, 2 Palestinians near Qarni crossing); conducts arrest sweeps in Asira Shamaliyya, Dura, Hebron, Nablus, Salfit, Tal, arresting at least 50 Palestinians; demolishes 3 Palestinian homes in Salfit, 36 in Khan Yunis,

Admiral Zinni returns to US via Egypt. Will return in January.

Dec.15, 2001 Responding to mortar fire, IDF raids Beit Hanun, bulldozing 5 Palestinian homes, 3 PSF posts, the local Fatah headquarters and killing 4 Palestinians, wounding 70, arresting 15 before withdrawing. After troops fatally shoot a 5th Palestinian allegedly attempting to infiltrate a Jewish settlement in Gaza, the IDF sends tanks into Rafah.
Dec.17, 2001


IDF helicopters fire 2 missiles at the car of Islamic Jihad's Sidir in Hebron in secondd assassination attempt. Sidir practically unhurt,  but 2 cars behind his are destroyed, killing 2 Palestinian children, injuring at least 2 adults. IDF fatally shoots wanted Hamas militant . Yakoub Idkaydik; 2 other Palestinians shot dead in Gaza, Nablus. Israeli police bar PLO Jerusalem affairs official Sari Nusseibeh from holding an reception for foreign dignitaries in Jerusalem, marking the end of Ramadan; detain him for 2 hrs. of questioning.
Dec.18, 2001 Palestinian Authority claims it has arrested 180 Hamas members.
Dec.19, 2001


The PA claims it has arrested 15 Preventive Security officers on suspicion of having taken part in attacks on Israelis. In Gaza, the Preventive Security  attempts to arrest Hamas spokesman `Abd al-`Aziz Rantisi, but 100s of Hamas mbrs. and supporters surround Rantisi's home, engage in a gun battle with Preventive Security officers. Arrest attempt is repeated Dec. 19.
Dec.21, 2001


Hamas agrees in writing to suspend suicide bombings in Israel, mortar attacks on Israeli targets for the sake of Palestinian unity. Islamic Jihad also agrees to a temporary halt to suicide bombings.
Dec.30, 2001


 The IDF fatally shoots Islamic Jihad militant Mahmud al-Burai in Gaza on his way to stage a suicide attack on Netzarim settlement.

The IDF fatally shoots a total of 6 Palestinians in 2 separate incidents in Gaza. Among the dead is senior Popular Resistance Committees commander. Ismail Abu al-Qumsan.

Palestinian Preventive Security claims it has arrested 3 DFLP, 2 Hamas, and PFLP member for planning attacks on Israeli targets, in addition to 3 Islamic Jihad and 4 PFLP members announced Dec. 29.  The PA announces sentencing for 5 Preventive Security  officers for involvement in attacks on Israelis, sentenced them to 18 mos.; has fired 2 others, sentenced 1 of them to a year in prison for "anti-Israeli activities." Most arrested Palestinians "escape" soon after incarceration.

Dec. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 67; Israelis: 37
2001 Total Palestinian Rockets and Mortars: Rockets: 4; Mortars: 245
2001 Intifada Dead Palestinians:  469; Israelis: 199
Jan 1, 2002


IDF undercover units capture Palestinian Riad Ayad, wanted for firing mortars at Jewish settlements. The IDF also conducts an arrest raid in Qabatiyya, detaining 4 Hamas militants including most-wanted Nasir Zarkana.
Jan 3, 2002 Israel captures Karine-A carrying a boatload of 50 tons of arms bound for Palestinian Authority as US envoy Anthony Zinni arrives to try to mediate a settlement. Capture announced Jan 4.  Zinni is outraged.

Palestinian Preventive security arrested 3 Islamic Jihad militants for alleging plotting an attack during Zinni's visit.

Jan 5, 2002 Israel reports evidence linking Arafat; his close associates Adil Mughrabi, Fuad Shubaki, and Fathi Razim; Hizbullah; Iran; and others to the Karine A. Hizbullah denies any involvement.
Jan 7, 2002 In an interview arranged by Israeli military, Karine A captain Omar Akawi states he is a Fatah "soldier" who "obeyed orders" issued by the PA. Most newsmen ignore invitation to view captured arms, and some news outlets insist Karine A is an Israeli fabrication. Arms were evidently financed by Iran.
Jan 9, 2002 Hamas kills four IDF soldiers in attack on Kerem Shalom military base in Israel.
Jan 11, 2002 IDF demolishes at least 54 Palestinian houses used as cover for arms smuggling tunnels, damages another 20, leaving some 650 Palestinians homeless
Jan 14, 2002 The IDF kills wanted al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Ra'id (Raed) Karmi,
Jan 16, 2002 Palestinians kill East Jerusalem Arab Shahada Dadis, 30, in drive by shooting of car with Israeli license plates.
Jan 17, 2002 An al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunman opens fire with an M-16 on a bat mitzvah celebration in Hadera, Israel, killing 6 Israelis, wounding at least 25 before being beaten unconscious by the celebrants and then fatally shot by an Israeli policeman.

IDF sends 20 tanks, APCs, paratroopers into Ramallah to tighten the encirclement of Arafat's headquarters to within 100 yds, placing Yasser Arafat under de facto house arrest

Jan 18, 2002 Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Faraj Hani Odeh Nazzal is fatally shot
Jan 21, 2002 IDF reoccupies Tul-Karm, incursion in Jenin. 2 Palestinians dead, 15 wounded.
Jan 22, 2002


IDF raids alleged explosives factory in Nablus, killing most-wanted Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades West Bank head Yusif Suragji and 3 other Hamas militants.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunman opens fire in West Jerusalem, wounding 16 Israelis, 2 fatally, before being killed by Israeli police.

Jan 24, 2002 IDF assassinates senior Hamas militant Adli (Bakr) Hamdan in Khan Yunis. Several other Palestinians are killed in separate incidents, including a PA intelligence officer fatally shot by the IDF in Ramallah. A 6th Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier.
Jan 25, 2002 Qassam rockets fired (first time?) from Gaza.
Jan 27, 2002 Wafa Idris, becomes first  female Palestinian suicide bomber, detonates a device in West Jerusalem, killing 1 Israeli, wounding 2 seriously, 5 moderately.
Jan 30, 2002 Palestinian collaborator Murad Abu al-Asal detonates a suicide bomb near Taibeh, Israel, injuring his 2 GSS handlers. 
Jan 31, 2002 IDF kills two Hamas militants in Gaza after they unsuccessfully attack a bus.
Jan. Intifada Dead Palestinians:29; Israelis:16
Feb. 3, 2002 Senior Fatah militant Imad Assaf is seriously injured in a mysterious explosion in Dahaysha;
Feb. 4, 2002 IAF missiles kill 4 DFLP militants in Rafah, Gaza, including Ayman Bihdari.
Feb. 6, 2002 IDF foils suicide attack at checkpoint.

Hamas gunman dressed as an IDF soldier infiltrates a home in the West Bank settlement of Hamra, fatally shoots 2 Jewish settlers, 1 IDF soldier, wounds 4 settlers before being shot dead by soldiers.

IAF F-16s bomb 2 prisons in Nablus, injuring 11 Palestinians. Wardens release 25 Hamas, Islamic Jihad prisoners (including 2 of Israel's most wanted, Islamic Jihad militants. Mahmud Tawalba, Ali Safuri) for their safety but keep 103 suspected collaborators in custody. The IDF also captures a vegetable truck on Jenin road loaded with 8 Qassam-2 missiles and a launcher; fatally shoots Palestinian who threw a hand grenade at an IDF post on the Rafah border

Feb. 7, 2002 Sharon-Bush meeting in Washington.
Feb. 8, 2002 Car explodes in Galilee, killing Islamic Jihad militants on their way to stage a car bombing.

Arab teen gang in Jerusalem fatally stab Israeli woman. Palestinian teen 14, captured and killed by IDF bullet in IDF custody.

 Hamas head Rantissi calls for more suicide bombings.

Feb. 10, 2002 2 Hamas gunmen open fire outside an IDF base in Beersheba, killing 2 IDF soldiers.

Palestinians fires what is evidently their first Qassam-2 rocket into Israel.

Feb. 13, 2002 Hamas fires 2 Qassam-2 rockets at a  settlement in the West Bank, no damage.

IDF temporarily seizes the Palestinian towns of Bayt Hanun, Bayt Lahia, and Deir al-Balah and Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza; conducts searches, detaining at least 12 Palestinians; exchanges gunfire with Palestinians, leaving 5 Palestinian police dead;

Feb. 14, 2002 Hamas or Popular Resistance Committees destroy Israeli tank with a shaped charge, killing 3 soldiers, wounding 2.
Feb. 15, 2002 IDF F-16s twice bomb the Pal. Police headquarters in Jabaliya, killing 1  officer, wounding 30 Palestinians. IDF commandos raid Saida, killing 1 Islamic Jihad militant., arresting 4 others,
Feb. 16, 2002 IDF assassinates Jenin Hamas leader Nazih al-Siba' using a remote controlled explosive; kills two Palestinians in Gaza.

PFLP suicide bomber kills three in Karnei Shomron West Bank settlement. 

Feb 17, 2002 Thomas Friedman announces Saudi Peace Plan  in the New York Times
Feb 18, 2002 6 Palestinians, 3 Israeli civilians, 1 IDF soldier dead, including al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades suicide bombing at Kissufim crossing in Gaza.
Feb 19, 2002 IDF kills a total of 9 Palestinians in separate actions, including 4 Force 17 and 5 PA police.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades kill six Israeli soldiers north of Jerusalem. Suicide bomber in West Bank kills only himself, no injuries.

Feb 20, 2002 IDF kills a total of 25 Palestinians in separate actions.
Feb 21, 2002 IDF kills a total of 8 Palestinians according to Palestinians, including 7 in Gaza in separate actions.

Secret meeting of trilateral Israeli-Palestinian US commission on or about this date produces Israeli commitment to refrain from initiation actions for a week.

Palestinians arrest 3 senior PFLP militants. suspected of involvement in the  assassination of Israel's Tourism M Rehavam Ze'evi. Arrests are made in response to Israeli and US pressure, to ease confinement of Arafat.

Feb 28, 2002


Operation Colorful Journey - IDF sends troops, tanks into Balata refugee camp, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades stronghold.  1 IDF soldier and at least 11 Palestinians dead including Balata  Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader Kayid Abu Mustafa and 6 PA police. .
Feb. Intifada Dead Palestinians:81; Israelis:30
March 1 2002


1 IDF soldier and at least 9 Palestinians including a senior Hamas militant Khalid Jamal Nazam killed in large raid on Jenin town and refugee camp.
March 2, 2002 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades suicide bombing kills 11, including 5 children in ultraorthodox Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades or Tanzim shoot and kill Israeli policeman in West Bank.

March 3, 2002 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades roadblock shooting near Ofra in West Bank kills 10 Israelis, including 3 civilians.

IDF tanks, helicopters, F-16s strike Palestinian police targets in Bethlehem, killing 4  officers, wounding 20. IAF missiles strike the PA headquarters, a small factory in Bethlehem. IDF also shells the PA military intelligence office in Salfit, killing 1 PA intelligence officer, wounding 5; amd shells a building within Arafat's compound in Ramallah; briefly invades Qalqilya.

March 4, 2002 IAF missile attack attempts to kill Hamas leader Hussein Abu Kuwayk, in Ramallah, killing Abu Kuwayk's wife and 3 children, and 2 Palestinian bystanders.  IDF reenters Jenin refugee camp,9 Palestinians die in fighting. IDF also remains in Balata; temporarily invades Rafah refugee camp, killing 3 Palestinians, bulldozing several Palestinian homes; fatally shoots 1 Palestinian at a checkpoint near Qalqilya; shells, destroys the PSF headquarters in Bethlehem.

Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunman kills 3 Israelis in two adjacent Tel Aviv restaurants.

March 5, 2002 Six Palestinians, 2 Israelis killed in various actions, including 3 Palestinians killed when IAF helicopters fire a missile at a car in Ramallah, killing 3 Palestinians, including 2 wanted Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  militants, Muhannad Abu Halawa and Fawzi Murrar.

Qassam-2 rockets fired on Sderot from Gaza, possibly for first time.

March 6, 2002


12 Palestinians killed by Israel, including senior Hamas militant `Abd al-Nassar Ghazal, 4 PA naval police killed by IDF shelling in Gaza, 1 Palestinian shot dead near Nablus, 4 who die of injuries received earlier. One Palestinian dies in "work accident" explosion.  2 IDF soldiers are killed in clashes in Khan Yunis and Rafah. One Palestinian dies in "work accident" explosion.

Two Israeli soldiers killed.

March 7, 2002 16 Palestinians reported dead, more than 70 injured in IDF attacks.

5 Israelis killed in Hamas attack on military academy in Atzmona.

A PFLP suicide bomber in Ariel  lightly injures 5; another Palestinian with a large bomb in a backpack is captured, disarmed in a Jerusalem cafe. A Palestinian gunman seriously wounds a Jewish settler near Nablus.

March 8 2002 Palestinians claim Israel kills 40 in various actions, 1 IDF soldier killed.
March 9, 2002 11 Israelis killed in Hamas Jerusalem suicide bombing.

2 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunmen open fire and throw grenades in Netanya boardwalk, killing 3 Israelis

March 10, 2002 Israelis destroy Arafat's Gaza City headquarters, firing 30 missiles at the compound from. the air, sea. Six Palestinians claimed dead including 2 militants on their way to suiicide attack, 11 year old boy.
March 11, 2002 24 Palestinians claimed killed by IDF including 18 in Jabalya refugee camp and 2 killed in the ongoing incursion in Qalqilya.
March 12, 2002 Large IDF operation in Ramallah. At least 30 Palestinians are killed during the day. Six Israelis killed in roadside ambush near Shlomi, that may have been due to Hezbollah.

Security Council Resolution 1397 calls for Palestinian state.  

March 13, 2002 Two Palestinians dead in IDF operations, one Italian photographer killed by IDF.
March 14, 2002 5 Palestinians killed in Ramallah by IDF, 6 blown up in apparent "work accidents."

Merkava tank blown up in Gaza, killing 3, wounding 2 Israeli soldiers, 2 other tanks damaged. Popular Resistance Committees and or Hamas action.

Palestinians fire on Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Admiral Zinni arrives for talks, convinces Israelis and Palestinians to resume trilateral meetings.. 

March 15, 2002 Israel withdraws from Ramallah but remains in Bayt Jala, Bethlehem, Hebron.
March 17, 2002 In Kefar Saba an Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunmen  fires on a crowd, killing 1 Israeli, injuring 12 before being shot dead by police, bystanders.

In French Hill in East Jerusalem, an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber detonates a device at a bus stop, lightly injuring 9 Israelis.

March 20, 2002 An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber detonates a device on a bus in Umm al-Fahm, killing 4 IDF soldiers, 3 civilians, injuring 27.
March 21, 2002 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades suicide bomber  in West Jerusalem, kills 3 Israelis, wounds 40. Arafat condemns the bombing in public, vows to arrest those behind it, phones local Palestinian leaders and holds a meeting with the heads of Palestinian factions to urge against such attacks. However, subsequent intelligence reveals Palestinian Authority was paying for the attacks.
March 26, 2002 Major Cengiz Soytunc of Turkey and Catherine Berruex of Switzerland, members of the TIPH observer force in Hebron, were killed in an ambush shooting by a Palestinian gunman near Halhul.
March 27, 2002 Passover Suicide Bombing - Hamas suicide bomber in Netanya restaurant kills 30 Israelis (including some who die in subsequent days) who are celebrating Passover, wounds around 100. The PA denounces the bombing,
March 28 2002 Saudi peace plan adopted by Arab summit, modified to "Arab Peace Plan" Israel would withdraw from the occupied territories and agree to "just settlement" for refugees in return for Arab recognition.

3 Israelis killed by Hamas terrorist in Elon Moreh

March 29,  2002 Defensive Wall - In retaliation for series of suicide bombings and attacks, Israel mounts operation "Defensive Wall" (or Defensive Shield) in the West Bank, arrests Palestinian leaders and particularly Marwan Barghouti, imprisoning PNA Chairman Arafat in the "Mukata" compound in Ramalah and besieges militants in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Before entering towns, Israel gives the population warning and allows civilians to leave, but many stay. During the operation, about 56 people, including at least some civilians, were killed in the Jenin refugee camp, prompting charges of a massacre by Palestinians. A proposed UN investigation of the alleged massacres is abandoned after Israel refuses to cooperate. From objective reports, it appears that about 22 noncombatant civilians were killed in Jenin, either wrongfully and intentionally by Israeli troops, or when bulldozers crushed houses in the belief they were empty, or when booby-trapped houses exploded and fell in on their occupants. Israel arrests over 1200 Palestinians, confiscates numerous documents. Some of this material shows clearly that Palestinian Authority was paying suicide bombers and other militants and buying explosives and arms, possibly from EU funds, while Yasser Arafat was putting on a show of calling for non-violence and condemning bombings that he paid for. Other materials provide intelligence information for operations against militant infrastructure.

2 Israelis killed by Palestinian infiltrators in Netzarim.

March 30,  2002 Israel border policeman killed by Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. 

12 Palestinians claimed killed in 2 days of fighting. IDF in Ramallah, surrounds and shells Arafat Muqata HQ,

March 31,  2002 15 Israelis killed in Hamas  bombing of Matza restaurant in Haifa. Additional victim dies in April.

IDF occupies Qalqilia. In Ramallah, kills about 9 Palestinians.

March Intifada Dead Palestinians:247; Israelis:117
April 1,  2002 Palestinians claim 13 killed by IDF 2 Israelis killed by sniper, suicide bomber, PA kills 11 collaborators.
April 2,  2002 Wanted Palestinian militants hole up in Church of Nativity.
April 3,  2002 6 Palestinians, 1 Israeli soldiers die as IDF enters Jenin.
April 4,  2002 20 Palestinians, 4 Israeli soldiers reported dead in fighting.

Bush calls for Israeli withdrawal. 

April 5,  2002 25 to 35 Palestinians reported killed, and 1 Israeli soldier dies in fighting.
April 6,  2002 50 Palestinians, 5 IDF soldiers are reported killed during the day.

American pressure for withdrawal continues.

April 7,  2002 14 Palestinians reported killed in Nablus and Jenin fighting.
April 8,  2002 30 Palestinians reported killed in Jenin refugee camp fighting, 2 IDF soldiers killed.
April 9,  2002 13 IDF soldiers killed in ambush in Jenin refugee camp.
April 10,  2002 IDF decides to bulldoze houses in Jenin refugee camp to avoid possibility of further ambushes. In reality only a small part of the camp is bulldozed, but news photos make it look as though the entire camp was razed. Palestinians, including Saeb Erekat claim 500 people were killed in Jenin. This story is picked up by international media. Palestinians stage "funerals" in which the corps falls off the stretcher and gets back on. 11 Palestinians reported killed in Nablus.

A Hamas suicide bomber (Jenin resident) blows up on Egged Bus #960,  from Jerusalem to Haifa, killing 8 Israelis, wounding 14. 

April 12, 2002 An al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades female suicide bomber blows up at a bus station in Jerusalem, killing 4 Israelis and 2 foreign workers, injuring around 50.
April 15, 2002 Journalists and relief workers allowed into Jenin refugee camp, report that there was no evidence of massacre.
April 18, 2002 IDF completes pullout from Jenin refugee camp and town, begins pullout from Nablus. The IDF fatally shoots a total of 5-7 Palestinians, including 2 attempting to infiltrate Netzarim settlement in Gaza and a Palestinian minor, aged 15 in Ramallah. IDF arrests wanted Hamas militant Khalid Tafish in Bethlehem.
April 23, 2002 Talks on ending Church of Nativity siege begin.
April 24, 2002 IDF kills  senior al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades' Yaqub Sarayra in Bani Na`im,and kills a 2d Palestinian; fatally shoots 15-yr.-old Palestinian stone thrower in. Jenin.

"Work related accident" explosion in Jabaliya kills 3 Palestinians.

IDF sniper fatally shoots a Palestinian inside the Church of the Nativity as he passes by a window; 2 PA security officers inside the church surrender to IDF custody.

April 26, 2002 IDF raids Qalqilya, killing  Qalqilya PFLP leader Ra'id Nazil, detaining 16 Palestinians.
April 28, 2002 Siege of Muqata to be ended - Four PFLP members suspected of killing Zeevi to be transferred to British supervised custody in Jericho, by agreement between Israel and Palestinians under US pressure.
April 29, 2002 IDF raid in Hebron kills 10, including Hamas militant Tarik al Dufashi.
April Intifada Dead Palestinians:249; Israelis:55
May 1, 2002 3 Palestinian combatants killed in Rafah
May 2, 2002 Arafat leaves Muqata to visit Ramlah; first exit since Israeli siege lifted; 2 Palestinians reported killed by IDF. .
May 3, 2002 IDF kills senior Hamas militant Ali Hudairi in Nablus while planning terrorist operation, arrests 8 others. (recorded by  Journal of Palestine Studies and MFA, not shown in Betselem)
May 5, 2002 IDF reportedly kills 10 Palestinians in separate incidents in Gaza and West Bank. (According to Betselem - not shown in Journal of Palestine Studies tables)
May 6, 2002 Arafat authorizes agreement end in the siege of the Church of the Nativity. 13 wanted Palestinians inside the church will be exiled to Italy,
May 7, 2002 Hamas suicide bomber kills 15 Israelis in Rishon Letzion.
May 10, 2002 Church of Nativity siege ends, 13 wanted militants exiled.
May 14, 2002 Israeli police arrest Kach militant Noam Federman and another Kach member for plot to bomb East Jerusalem's Maqassid Hospital. IDF kills Ahmad 'Abd al-'Aziz and Khaled Abu Hiran in Halhul, both PA officers involved in terrorist activities.
May 17, 2002 IDF incursion in Jenin refugee camp and Jenin town, arresting about 25 including  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades' leader Kamal Abu al-Wafa. IDF reportedly kills 3  (recorded by  Journal of Palestine Studies not shown in Betselem)
May 19, 2002 PFLP suicide bomber dressed as an IDF soldier blow up in Netanya, killing 2 Israelis, wounding 50.
May 22, 2002 The IDF kills Nablus commander al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  Mahmud Titi and 3 others in Balata. 

Islamic Jihad militant Khalid Zakarni dies in "work accident explosion in Jenin.

Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades suicide bomber in Rishon Letzion kills 2 Israelis.

May 28, 2002 3 Israelis killed by Palestinians in Itamar infiltration and 1 in Ofra drive by. IDF reportedly kills 1 in Jenin (according to JPS, not recorded in Betselem).
May 30, 2002 PNA Chairman Arafat, under pressure for reform, signs the 2002: PNA Basic Law  that was passed several years ago by the PLC.
May 30-31, 2002 IDF arrests about 130 in separate raids, including senior Islamic Jihad militant Muhammad Sidr. Reportedly kills 5 (JPS) or 1 (Betselem) Palestinian.
May Intifada Dead Palestinians:44; Israelis:30
June 5, 2002 Islamic Jihad suicide bomber blows up in car bomb near a bus in Meggido, killing 17,   wounding 38
June 8, 2002 IDF kills 5 Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank (Betselem) (11 fatalities recorded in JPS). Two die attacking Dugit,  2 attacking West Bank IDF base. 3 die in "work accident"
June 11/12 2002 IDF kills 7 (Betselem) or 8 (JPS) Palestinians in Gaza raid.
June 17, 2002 IDF kills Walid Sbeh of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades near el Khader.
June 18, 2002 Hamas suicide bomber blows up on a bus in Jerusalem killing 19.
June 19, 2002 Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades suicide bomber in Jerusalem kills 7.
June 20, 2002 PFLP gunman kills 5 Israelis in Itamar infiltration.
June 21, 2002 IDF enters several West Bank refugee camps and reportedly  kills 12 Palestinians (JPS) Betselem reports 4 fatalities. 
June 23, 2002 Security Fence - Israel decides to build the Security Fence (Separation Wall) which evidently greatly reduces suicide bombing, but it is not complete for several years. The fence begins to reduce terror attacks in 2003. Fence isolates Palestinians trapped between Israel and West Bank and causes hardship to many. Since the fence is built inside the West Bank, many claim it is an Israeli "Land Grab."
June 24, 2002 Controversial speech by US President Bush calls for Israeli withdrawal and Palestinian state, but insists the PNA must first be reformed and current leaders replaced. Israel moves to reoccupy the entire West Bank, with the exception of Jericho.

IDF kills 2 Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades leaders, Yasir Raziq and `Amr Kufa and about 4 other Palestinians  in Rafah and one in Nablus (JPS).

June 25, 2002 IDF kills 5 in Jenin, Gaza, Hebron.
June 27, 2002 IDF kills 4 Palestinians including 2 children aged 8 and 9 (JPR) Betselem reports 1 minor dead only age 17, and no other deaths. 
June 30, 2002 IDF kills Izzedin al-Qassam Brigades militant. Muhannad Tahir in Nablus and another Hamas militant, dismantles 2 illegal outposts.
June Intifada Dead Palestinians:59; Israelis:59
July 1, 2002 IDF dismantles 9 empty illegal outposts.
July 4, 2002 Jihad al-Omarayn, Wa'il al-Nimrah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants killed when their car blows up.
July 9, 2002 IDF kills Islamic Jihad militant Mu'ammar Daraghma (Reported by JPR, not in Betselem DB) 
July  12, 2002 IDF kills 3 Palestinians in separate incidents. A fourth dies from earlier injuries.
July  16, 2002 8 Israelis killed or fatally injured in bus ambush near Emmanuel. Hamas, Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Islamic Jihad all claim incident.
July  17, 2002 1 Israeli and 2 foreign workers killed by Islamic Jihad in Tel Aviv cafe bombing.

4 Palestinians die in various explosions.

3 Palestinians die in IDF raids including 2  Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants.

July 22/23 2002 Israel kills Saleh Shehadeh, head of Hamas Izzeldin-El Kassam brigades militants in Gaza, responsible for numerous terror attacks, kills or fatally injures16 others in targeted killing. .
July 31 2002 Hebrew University cafeteria bombing by Hamas - 9 die or are fatally wounded, including four Americans, 4 Israelis and one French-US dual citizen.
July Intifada Dead Palestinians:43; Israelis:30
Aug 2, 2002  IDF raid in Nablus that kills 3 Palestinians including Amjad Jabour Hamas militant of Salim near Nablus, reportedly killed after being handcuffed, and an additional killing in Rafah. Betselem records only the killing of Jabour and the death in Rafah..
Aug 4, 2002 Hamas suicide bomber blows up on bus near Meron junction killing 9 - 7 Israelis and 2 foreign workers. Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant kills a telephone company employee near Damascus gate; Israeli fire kills the militant and a Palestinian bystander. Other attacks injure several Israelis. JPS and Betselem report about 10 Palestinians killed Aug. 3 - 5 but some assigned to different dates and places. 
Aug. 5, 2002 Two Israelis killed in ambush near Nablus.
Aug. 6, 2002 The IDF assassinates wanted Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants Ali Ajuri (who allegedly plotted the 7/17 Tel Aviv bombing, reportedly is the leader of al-Nathir) and Murad Marshud, firing air-to-surface missile at them in Jenin.
Aug. 7, 2002 IDF commandos raid Tulkarm, kill local AMB cmdr.Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Ziad Da'as and 2 bystanders. In Khan Yunis, an IDF sniper fatally shoots Hamas militant Hussam Hamdan, son of top Hamas leader Ahmad Nimr.
Aug. 10, 2002 Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades shooting attack in Mehola kills 1. Attacker is killed. Hamas militant killed while attempting attack; IDF kills Palestinian electric company employee  apparently for no reason.
Aug. 14, 2002 The IDF kills senior Hamas militant. Nasir Jarrar. Another Palestinian used to warn Jarrar is killed by Jarrar or others in his house.
Aug 16(?), 2002 Sabri Banna (Abu Nidal), head of the Fatah Revolutionary Council is rumored dead by assassination or suicide in Baghdad (Death is later confirmed Aug. 19 - apparently assassinated by Iraqi secret police).
Aug. 20, 2002 IDF commandos kill senior Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) militant Muhammad Saadat, brother of PFLP head Ahmad Saadat; the IDF also raids Tulkarm refugee camp  fatally shoots wanted Fatah tanzim member. Afsam Salima.
Aug 28, 2002 IDF kills 6 Palestinians in separate incidents, including tank shell fired for no reason at Beit Ajlin, which killed 4.
Aug. 31, 2002 The IDF assassinates wanted Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Rafat Daraghma, firing 4 missiles at his car in Tubas,  kills 2 Palestinian teenagers in the vehicle, and 2 others in a house. The main target of the attack, local  Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  leader Jihad Sawafta, escapes.
Aug, Intifada Dead Palestinians:55; Israelis:17
Sept. 1, 2002 IDF kills 4 Palestinians, evidently unarmed, near Hebron in Bani Naim (JPS & Betselem). Betselem also reports 1 death in Nablus from tank shell and one death in Jenin during exchange of fire.
Sept. 3, 2002 2 IDF soldiers killed in Gaza when tank is blown up, 1 killed in ambush of patrol near Beit Lahia. Car with huge bomb intercepted at West Bank checkpoint, Palestinians escape.
Sept. 5, 200 Israeli Tank blown up in Gaza by Popular Resistance Committees or Hamas. 3 dead.
Sept. 17, 2002 14 year old Palestinian in Tulkarm killed in explosion, apparently while making a bomb; nail bomb explodes in Palestinian Yatta school, apparently planted by Israeli settlers.
Sept. 18, 2002 Islamic Jihad suicide bomber blows up at a bus stop in a Umm al-Fahm in Israel, killing 1 Israeli policeman, wounding a 2d policeman, and 1 Israeli, plus self. Additional Palestinian killed by IDF running roadblock.  

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunman kills Israeli near Jenin, another Israeli found murdered in E. Jerusalem.

Sept. 19, 2002 A Hamas suicide bomber blows up on a bus in Tel Aviv, killing 5 Israelis and himself, injuring more than 50. IDF kills 2 Palestinians aged 10 and 11, surrounds Arafat's offices again, begins demolishing PA compound - this continues until Sept. 22 when halted by Americans.
Sept. 24, 2002 IDF incursion in Gaza City and Bayt Lahia, killing 9 Palestinians including wanted local Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader Muhammad Kishku, senior Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades mbr. Yasin Nassar
Sept. 26, 2002 IAF helicopters fire 2 missiles at 2 cars in Gaza City in s 4th attempt to assassinate most-wanted Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades militant Muhammad Deif; 2 other Hamas miltants are killed, Deif escapes with moderate wounds, some 30 bystanders  In Kefar Labid near Tulkarm, IDF senior Hamas miltant Nashat Abu Jabara, 1 IDF officer dead.
Sept. 27, 2002 IDF fatally shoots wanted Palestinian Muhammad Yaghmur near. Hebron
Sept. 29, 2002 Siege of Muqata (Arafat's compound) ends.
Sept. 30, 2002 IDF kills 2 children (ages 12 and 13) in Nablus.
Sept. Intifada Dead Palestinians:51; Israelis:14
Oct.7, 2002 16-17 Palestinians dead or fatally injured in IDF raid in Khan Yunis. Most die when a helicopter fires a missile evidently in error, others when IDF allegedly fires on a hospital.

In Gaza City, masked Palestinian gunmen kidnap, murder PA riot police chief Raghib Abu Lahiya. An attempt by Palestinian officers to arrest the assailants sparks a clash that leaves 5 Hamas militants dead. 

Oct.13, 2002 Muhammad Ubayyat is killed when a bomb in a pay phone he is using explodes; the IDF apparently intended to kill Ubayyat's brother, Bethlehem Fatah Tanzim commander Nassir.  3-4 other Palestinians killed in various incidents.
Oct.17, 2002 IDF kills 6, mostly non-combatants, in Rafiah raid.
Oct.21, 2002 Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide bombers kill 14 Israelis and selves by blowing up in a car next to a bus near Hedera. 
Oct.25, 2002 IDF launches operation Vanguard in Jenin in response to suicide bombing of Oct. 21.
Oct.27, 2002 Hamas suicide bomber kills 3 Israeli soldiers and 1-2 bombers bombers in gas station near Ariel. The bomber reportedly blew himself up after being pinned down by soldiers. Bomber or bombers killed by settlers.

IDF kills 2 Islamic Jihad miltants in Nablus shootout, fatally shoot 1 Palestinian who was either telling children to stop throwing rocks (Betselem) or checking the water tank on his roof in Jenin (JPS) during the curfew;

Oct.29, 2002 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades kills 3 Israelis in Hermesh.

IDF kills senior Hamas militant Asim Sawafta in Tubas. According to JPS, but not Betselem, IDF shoots a 14-yr.-old Palestinian boy in the head in Tubas,

Oct.30, 2002 IDF commandos kill wanted PA intelligence officer Ayid Mansur outside his home in Nablus. The IDF fatally shoots 1 additional Palestinian near security fence in Zita.
Oct 31, 2002 3 Hamas members in Gaza blow up in explosion while making a bomb; Hamas members attack journalists who try to film the scene.

Israel kills 2 in Jenin as part of Operation Vanguard.

Oct. Intifada Dead Palestinians:64; Israelis:22
Nov. 3, 2002 Israel government unstable as resignations of Labor party ministers become official. 

IDF kills 1 Palestinian in Khan Yunis and one in Rafah.   Betselem records 3 killed near Karni crossing by IDF tank shell.

Nov. 4, 2002 IDF kills wanted Hamas militants Hamid Sidr (or Hamad Sadr) and Firas Abu Ghazala, in Nablus by bomb in car or missile. 3 Palestinians killed by IDF gunfire near Jabaliya.

Islamic Jihad suicide bomber kills 2 Israelis in Tel Aviv.

Nov. 9, 2002 IDF kills Islamic Jihad military leader Iyad Sawalha  in Jenin. Islamic Jihad kills IDF soldier in Gaza.
Nov. 10, 2002 5 Israelis killed in Kibbutz Metzer in central Israel, which is active in peace efforts, by Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Palestinians claim they are in the pay of Iran because PA has cut off funding.
Nov. 11, 2002 IDF kills 1 (Betselem) or 2 (JPS) Palestinians in Rafah. 8 year old Palestinian child injured in October dies.
Nov. 15, 2002 Islamic Jihad kills 12 in Hebron, including civilian worshippers and 9 IDF military guards. Three Islamic Jihad attackers killed.

IDF undercover units kill senior Hamas militant. Mahmud Obeid in Tulkarm.

Nov. 19, 2002 IDF kills wanted Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Tariq Zaghal (or Tarek Asail) in Tulkarm and additional 5 Palestinians (Betselem)
Nov. 21, 2002 Palestinian suicide bomber blows up on a bus in Jerusalem, killing 11 Israelis and himself. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim the hit.
Nov. 27, 2002 2 (Betselem) or 3 (JPS) Palestinians killed by IDF in different incidents. JPS, but not Betselem, record PFLP suicide bomber who blew himself up without killing anyone.
Nov. 28, 2002 3 Israelis, 11 Kenyans killed or fatally injured in suicide attack on Israeli hotel in Mombasa Kenya; Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades kill 6 Israelis outside Likud polling station in Beit Shean.
Nov. 30, 2002 1 Palestinian age 16, noncombatant killed by IDF in Gaza, 1 man killed Nov 30 or Dec 1 when IDF demolished his house, not knowing he was inside. His son was wanted by IDF.
Nov. Intifada Dead Palestinians:48; Israelis:41
Dec. 1, 2002 IDF fails in attempt to kill  Islamic Jihad’s Jabaliya military commander Imad al-Barqawi and a 2d Islamic Jihad militant by missile fired from helicopter.
Dec 4, 2002 IDF kill Palestinian Resistance Comm. (PRC) mbr. Mustafa Sabah, firing 5 missiles at his building in Gaza City; Sabah is the inventor of the roadside bombs used on 3 occasions to disable Merkava tanks.  IDF  fatally shoots Islamic Jihad militants Sami Shawer, Ahmad Srour in an exchange of gunfire near Hebron;
Dec 6, 2002 IDF kill 10 Palestinians in Bureij refugee camp raid.
Dec 10, 2002 IDF fatally shoots wanted Hamas militant Yasin al-Agha in Khan Yunis and wanted Palestinian Usama Badra in Balata refugee camp.
Dec 12, 2002 IDF kills 5 unarmed Palestinian laborers near Qarni in Gaza. They may have been trying to enter Israel to look for work. 2 would-by Palestinian infiltrators killed in separate incidents. 
Dec 13, 2002 IDF kills  Hamas Tulkarm military commander. Tariq ‘Abid Rabbuh, and Hamas militant. Jadallah Shuka near. Bethlehem.
Dec 15, 2002 IDF foils Hamas kidnapping plan, arrests 2; kills Palestinian noncombatant in Gaza.
Dec 16, 2002 IDF foils Hamas infiltration attempt, kills 2 Hamas militants; kills 2 noncombatant Palestinians.
Dec 20, 2002 Quartet finalizes most of road map, but US unwilling to release it. 
Dec 23, 2002 IDF kills wanted Hamas militants Shaman Subuh, Mustafa Baqash in Jenin;
Dec 26, 2002 IDF reoccupies Bethlehem,  kills Tulkarm Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades head Jamal Yahya in Tulkarm;  kills  Hamas militant Bassam Ashqar, ambushing his car in Ramallah, also killing a Palestinian bystander; raids Qabatiyya, a kills  local Islamic Jihad leader Yusif Abu Rub, arrests local Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades head Natzir Nazal, senior Hamas militant Talal al-Baz; kills wanted Palestinian Samir al-Shamali, who was hired as hospital guard and kills 1 in clashes. Kills 2 Palestinians possibly attempting infiltration of  Netzarim.
Dec 27, 2002 Islamic Jihad kill 2 in Otniel.
Dec. Intifada Dead Palestinians 65; Israelis:7
2002 Total Palestinian Rockets and Mortars: Rockets: 35; Mortars: 257
2002 Intifada Dead Palestinians:  1035; Israelis: 438
Jan 1, 2003 3 Palestinians aged 15 attempt to infiltrate Aley Sinai, killed by IDF. One Palestinian suicide bomber killed, and one killed near Egyptian border in clash. 
Jan 5, 2003 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv kills 23 (6-8 foreign workers, 14 Israelis). Attack is disowned by Ramallah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades,
Jan 7, 2003 IDF undercover units raid al-Maghazi refugee camp.kill 2 Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, 1 Islamic Jihad militants, .
Jan 11, 2003 In Gaza, 2 Palestinian children (ages 12, 14) armed with knives infiltrate Netzarim settlement, shot and wounded by a rabbi, captured by IDF troops.

IDF kills 2 Palestinians in clashes, a third dies when grenade he is carrying explodes, body of a fourth, apparently killed by IDF Jan 1 is also found.

Jan 12, 2003 Two Palestinians infiltrate Israeli Moshav Gadish near Afula, kill 1, escape to the south where they are killed by police near Nitzana. 3 gunmen infiltrate the Israeli border, probably from Egypt, kill 1 Israeli and are then killed. Two Palestinians die when IAF missile intended for Hamas militants misses its target. 
Jan 24, 2003 IDF kills five Palestinians in various actions including 2 Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants.

Cairo conference of Palestinian groups, first in 20 years. Conference fails to agree on cease fire offer to Israel. Islamist movements say PLO no longer represents the Palestinian people. Talks end in disunity Jan. 27.

Jan 25-26, 2003 IDF kills 12-13 Palestinians in Gaza city clashes during IDF incursion..
Jan 28, 2003 Elections in Israel give wide margin (40 seats) to right wing Likud party, returning PM Ariel Sharon for another term.
Jan 30, 2003 IDF undercover units kill two Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  militants including  Tulkarm commander. Fayiz Jabber. IDF kills 3 Palestinians trying to fire a Qassam rocket into Israel.
Jan 31, 2003 IDF kills wanted Hamas militant Iyad Musa and another Palestinian in Hebron.
Jan  Intifada Dead Palestinians:59; Israelis: 30
Feb 5 2003 IDF kills 6 - 5 Palestinians in Gaza and 1 in Beit Furik, near Nablus..
Feb 10 2003 IDF kills wanted PFLP militant Emad Mabruki in 'Ein Beit al-Maa refugee camp who flees or resists arrest, kills armed Palestinian near a Jewish settlement in Gaza;
Feb 11 2003 IDF kills 5 in various actions.
Feb 14, 2003 After meeting with quartet members, Yasser Arafat declares his intention to appoint a Prime Minister who will carry out reform. This is not implemented for quite a while.
Feb 15, 2003 Tank destroyed by large bomb in Gaza, 4 IDF soldiers killed..
Feb 16, 2003 6 Hamas militants killed in Gaza when their car full of explosives blows up.

IDF raid in Nablus: 3 Palestinians dead, senior Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine militant Taysir Khalid and three others arrested.   IDF also fires on Palestinians in Jabaliya, killing 2;

Feb 18, 2003 IDF kill wanted Hamas militant Muhammad Muhr in Yatta.

IDF raid in Gaza city: 3 Palestinians die when wall of building (Qassam workshop) demolished by IDF collapses

3  PA general intelligence officers killed when the IDF fires rockets at their post;

1 Hamas militant blows up attacking a tank;

4 militants killed fighting IDF.

Feb 18, 2003 Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant  Shahar Zakarna killed when car blows up; 2 Palestinians killed by IDF in Nablus raid;
Feb 23, 2003 7 Palestinians killed in IDF Beit Hanoun raid. 1 killed trying to infiltrate Netzarim, 15 year old killed in a playground, 1 Palestinian killed when fails to halt.
Feb, Intifada Dead Palestinians:69; Israelis: 8
Mar 3, 2003 IDF raids on Bureij and Nussayrat refugee camps kili 8, arrest Hamas Nussayrat head Muhammad Taha. Additional Palestinian killed in Nablus raid. Palestinians fire 5 Qassam rockets.
Mar 5, 2003 Hamas militant in Haifa perpetrates suicide bombing of Haifa bus, kills 17 including one American. Qassam rocket fire from Gaza on Sderot brings Israeli reoccupation of parts of Gaza around Jebalya refugee camp.

IDF arrests senior Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades militant. Abdallah Barghouti.

IDF raid in Jabaliya kills 3 Palestinians in addition to Islamic Jihad militant Muhammad al-'Asas.

March 6, 2003 Qassam rocket fire from Gaza on Sderot brings Israeli reoccupation of parts of Gaza around Jebalya refugee camp.

IDF raid in Jabalya kills 8, 3 more Palestinians killed in separate West Bank incidents.

March 10, 2003 IDF kills senior Hamas political leader Ibrahim Maqadama and 3 bodyguards; kills demonstrator in Beit Lahiya,
March 10, 2003 Central Council of the PLO meets in Ramalla and approves Chairman Arafat's proposal to nominate a Prime Minister. His nominee, Abu Mazen is also approved. The Council also condemns violence against all civilians. The appointment of a PM is due to Israeli and US pressure to reform the PNA and provide leadership other than Arafat, who is considered untrustworthy.
March 13, 2003 IDF kills 6 wanted Hamas militants in a raid on Tamun; shoots 2 settlement guards in friendly fire incident; arrests 2 settlers for seriously beating a Palestinian shepherd nr. Nablus; kills Palestinian infiltrator near Nitzana in Isarel.
March 14, 2003  IDF kills Jenin Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades   commander Yusif Masharqa, 4 Islamic Jihad militants in Jenin.
March 16, 2003 International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie killed by a civilian Israeli bulldozer operator in Gaza. Israelis claim it was an accident; Palestinians insist it was murder.
March 17, 2003 IDF Nussayrat raid kills Islamic Jihad militant Muhammad Saafin and 6 others including   a 4-yr.-old girl; IDF kills 1 Palestinian in Jabalia, arrests  Fatah Palestinian Council member Hussam Khadir. IDF kills 4 in Beit Layia.

Two Palestinians die in explosion (probably "work accident" in Tul Karm). 

March 19,2003 US begins invasion of Iraq by a strike against a building where Saddam Hussein and other leaders are meeting.
March 25, 2003 IDF kills 3 Hamas militants including Nadir Jarawish and Ala’ Ayad  and a 10-yr.-old bystander in Bethlehem, 13 year old throwing rocks in Jenin; arrests Jenin Fatah tanzim leader Nidal Narnarya.
March 30, 2003 Two Islamic Jihad militants killed by IDF in Israel near Erez Industrial zone after crossing into Israel.
Mar Intifada Dead Palestinians:84; Israelis:23
April 8, 2003 IDF kills senior Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades militant Sa`ad Arabid in Gaza city and 2 other Hamas militants; kills wanted Palestinian Badir Yasin in Salfit.
April 9, 2003 Fall of Baghdad to coalition forces.

IDF kills 5 in Beit Hanoun who are throwing rocks during incursion.

April 10, 2003 IDF kills Islamic Jihad military leader Mahmud Zatma.
April 11, 2003 IDF fatally shoots Thomas Hurndall, ISM activist in Gaza.
April 19, 2003 In major incursion in Rafah, IDF kills 5 Palestinians, including a an AP cameraman.
April 24, 2003 Bowing to international pressure, Yasser Arafat allows the nomination  of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as new Palestinian PM. The Quartet (US, Britain, Russia and Spain) hope that he will institute reforms. Israeli government backs Abu-Mazen, promises concessions.
April 29, 2003 Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) appointed Palestinian PM & vows reform, but Arafat maneuvers to retain control. Violence continues. US released updated road map on April 30

IDF kills PFLP leader Nidal Salama and bystander in Khan Yunis, and kills  Bethlehem Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades commander Mahmud Salah and Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Adnan Juayrish.

Bob's Cafe in Tel Aviv bombed by British Muslim militants, at least one of whome was sheltered by ISM in Gaza. 3 Israelis, one French woman dead. Hamas and Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claim operation.

Apr Intifada Dead Palestinians:58; Israelis: 6
May 1, 2003 IDF kills senior Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades commander Yusuf Abu Hin, his 2 brothers, 10 other Palestinians in Gaza. IDF kills  2 Palestinians in Yatta, including senior Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Khalid Makhamra,
May 7, 2003 Wanted senior Hamas militant Amin Manzalawi is killed in "work accident" or IDF initiated  explosion in Zawata. IDF kills 4 other Palestinians.
May 8, 2003 IDF kills  senior Hamas mbr. Iyad al-Bik, 3 other Palestinians. One suicide bomber blows himself up attacking IDF, but injures no-one.
May 14, 2003 IDF kills wanted Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Taysir Shihab in Nablus, and 3 Preventive Security officers die when post near Netzarim that is a source of fire is attacked. One 12 year old killed in clashes in Jenin.
May 15, 2003 IDF kills 5 in Beit Hannoun raid, Palestinian kills two Israelis at Qarni crossing before being killed.
May Intifada Dead Palestinians:61; Israelis:13
June 4, 2003 Aqaba Summit - Abu Mazen and Ariel Sharon vow to stop violence, end occupation according to the road map. Hamas and Islamic Jihad vow to continue violence. Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad joined in killing four Israeli soldiers in Gaza (June 8) despite the call to end violence from Fatah leaders.
June 8, 2003 5 IDF soldiers, 5 Palestinians killed in various incidents.
June 10-11, 2003 Failed Israeli assassination attempt on Hamas leader Ahmed Rantissi (June 10) and Hamas suicide attack that kills 17 in Jerusalem (June 11) jeopardize the future of the road map. 18 Palestinians killed, including Hamas militants Titu Massud, Suhayl Abu Nahil, Muhammad Daghmash and Rawi Abu Kumayl. 
June 12, 2003 IDF kills senior Hamas militants Ibrahim Abu Srour, Yasir Taha, and several noncombatant bystanders in Gaza. IDF  kills wanted Islamic Jihad militants Fadi Jaradat, Salih Jaradat in Jenin.
June 22, 2003 4 Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants die planting a roadside bomb near Beit Hanoun.
June 25, 2003 IDF kills  wanted Hamas militant Akram Abu Sarhana in Khan Yunis, along with 2 others. In Beit Hanun, 2 Hamas militants killed in clash with IDF. 
June 27, 2003 IDF kills 4 in Gaza City,  including wanted Hamas militant Amran al-Gul.

With US help, Israelis, Palestinians finalize agreement on Israeli withdrawal from Beit Hanoun in Gaza. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah announce 3 month truce agreement. PFLP will abide by truce. .

June 30, 2003 Israelis agree to withdraw from Bethlehem; Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades kill Bulgarian who works at an Israeli settlement near Nablus.
June Intifada Dead Palestinians:62; Israelis: 30
July 6, 2003 Israel approves the entry to Israel of 1,500 Palestinian workers, 1,500 Palestinian merchants from the Bethlehem area. Israel to release 300 Palestinian prisoners in the coming days.
July 29, 2003 Bush-Sharon meeting in Washington. Sharon promises to free Palestinian prisoners and take further "confidence building" measures.
July Intifada Dead Palestinians:4; Israelis:2
Aug 1, 2003 Palestinian and international demonstrators attempt to cut the security fence at Tulkarm.
Aug 4, 2003 IDF kills Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant while he is planting a roadside bomb.
Aug 6, 2003 Israel releases 335 Palestinian prisoners, less than the 540 promised, arrests 15 Palestinian security personnel for plotting an attack.
Aug 8, 2003 IDF kills 4 Palestinians in Askar refugee arrest raid. Israel indicts 2 settlers for transporting explosives, membership in Jewish terrorist group.
Aug  14, 2003 IDF kills  Islamic Jihad Hebron leader Muhammad Sidr,
Aug  19, 2003 Hamas suicide bombing in a Jerusalem bus claims 21 lives including 5 Americans, breaking the cease fire.
Aug  21, 2003 The IDF kills senior Hamas militant Ismail Abu Shanab and 2 body guards in Gaza, additional Palestinian dies Aug 28. Others killed in widespread operations in the West bank; Arafat moves to replace Abbas appointee Mohamed Dahlan as security chief in Gaza and to weaken Abbas.
Aug  24, 2003 IDF kills  senior Hamas militants Ahmad Aishtawi and Wahid Hamad and 2 aides or bodyguards  in Gaza city. An additional Palestinian is fatally wounded, dies Aug. 29
Aug  28, 2003 IDF kills wanted Hamas militants. Hamdi Kalakh.
Aug  30, 2003 IDF kills Hamas militants Abdallah Akel and Farid Mayat outside Nusseirat; 9 year old Palestinian girl killed by shelling in Khan Yunis, responding to attacks on Neve Dekalim.
Aug Intifada Dead Palestinians:24; Israelis: 26
Sept 1, 2003 IDF kills  kills Hamas militant Khadir al-Husary in Gaza City, also killing 1 Palestinian bystander.

Or Commission report indicts Israeli police for use of excessive force in killing 13 Israeli Arab citizens in September 2000 riots, for attempts to cover up their actions and failure to cooperate.

Sept 6, 2003 Mahmoud Abbas resigns; Failed Israeli assassination attempt on Hamas "spiritual leader" Ahmed Yassin, who is aged and crippled.
Sept 8, 2003 Yasser Arafat and Fatah/PLO name Ahmed Queia ("Abu Ala") as PM to replace Mahmoud Abbas.
Sept 9, 2003 Two suicide bombings kill 15 in Israel; Israel moves against against buildings surrounding Yasser Arafat's Mukata compound on Sept 11. US official Condoleezza Rice insists that the Road Map is "still on the table."

IDF kills Hamas senior militant Ahmad Badr by firing a shell at his apartment in Hebron, also killing a 2d Hamas militant  and a 12-yr.-old Palestinian bystander.

Sept 10, 2003 Failed attempt to kill Hamas spokesman Mahmud Zahar results in death of his son and a bodyguard. He is wounded.
Sept 11, 2003 Arafat under siege by Israel. Palestinians protest. 
Sept 16, 2003 IDF kills senior Hebron Islamic Jihad militant Ahmad Abu Dush
Sept 17, 2003 IDF kills Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Fadi Abu Zant in Nablus. Israel convicts 3 settlers of attempted murder for attempt to blow up girls' school.
Sept 18, 2003 IDF kills wanted Hamas  leader Jihad Abu Sawarih in Nusseirat refugee camp..
Sept 22 2003 IDF kills wanted Hamas militant  Basil Qawasmi in Hebron.
Sept 24 2003 IDF kills Hamas militant  Muhammad Bashir Akel, Islamic Jihad militant . Nur Abu Armana, killing a 3-yr.-old Palestinian girl in Bureij. and wounding at least 6 bystanders.

IDF kills  wanted Hebron Islamic Jihad leader Diab Shuwayki ( and Dura Islamic Jihad leader `Abd al-Rahim Talhami,

Sept. Intifada Dead Palestinians:33; Israelis: 22
Oct 1, 2003 IDF kills Islamic Jihad militants Rabah Abu Dakka, Mazin Badawi in Tulkarm
Oct 2, 2003 IDF kills wanted Islamic Jihad militant Mazin Salama in Tulkarm;
Oct 4, 2003 Female Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide bomber kills 20, including 5 Israeli Arabs in Arab-Jewish owned Haifa restaurant.
Oct 5, 2003 Israeli jets strike a camp in Syria allegedly used for training Palestinian terrorists. The strike gets US approval.
Oct 9, 2003 Palestinian PM designate Ahmed Qurei submits his resignation to Chairman Yasser Arafat because of differences of opinion regarding the mandate and composition of his government's cabinet. Increasing rumors of Arafat's illness attributed variously to cardiac problems or stomach cancer.
Oct 10, 2003 IDF raid in Rafah kills 7 Palestinian, 1 IDF soldier.
Oct 15, 2003 Palestinian militants (apparently Popular Resistance Committees) detonate roadside bomb in Gaza, killing 3 US security personnel and wounding a diplomat.
Oct 20, 2003 IDF kills Hamas militants Iyad Hilu and Khalid Masri and about 8 other Palestinians in Gaza raid.
Oct 22, 2003 IDF kills wanted Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  militant `Abd al-Hadi Natsha in Hebron, local PFLP commander Ahmad `Atiya in Qalqilya
Oct 28, 2003 IDF kills wanted Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Ibrahim al-Nanish in Tulkarm.
Oct Intifada Dead Palestinians:57; Israelis: 30
Nov 12, 2003 Palestinian PM Ahmed Qurei forms a government after a long period of negotiations, pledging to end terror and chaos in the Palestine Authority
Nov 19, 2003 UN Security Council passes resolution 1515 in support of the roadmap for peace.
Nov 24, 2003 Israeli PM Sharon announces Disengagement Plan for unilateral withdrawal of Israeli forces if the roadmap fails to produce an end to terrorism.
Nov 30, 2003 A leaflet signed by the Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades denounces the Geneva Accord, threatening Palestinians who took part in it. At the Rafah-Egypt border crossing, about 200 Palestinians harass Palestinians en route to the Geneva Accord unveiling in Switzerland, hitting and kicking them.
Nov Intifada Dead Palestinians: 31; Israelis: 5
Dec 1 2003 Geneva Accord peace plan of Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed Rabbo officially launched in Geneva (it was leaked at at the beginning of November
Dec 8 2003 UN General Assembly meets in emergency session, adopts resolution ES-10/14 asking the International Court of Justice to rule on the legality of the Israeli security barrier.
Dec 11 2003 IDF arrest of Islamic Jihad militant Khalid Qadi in Gaza leaves 6 dead.
Dec 18 2003 IDF raid in Nablus  kills 4 Palestinians, including senior PFLP militants Jibril Awwad and Firas Haneni, Hamas militants  Majdi Bahish
Dec 22-23 2003 15 Palestinians die in IDF raids and Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades attack that kills 2 IDF soldiers.
Dec 25 2003 IDF kills senior Islamic Jihad military leader, Muklid Humayid; PFLP suicide bomber kills four Israeli soldiers, 1 civilian and self in Tel Aviv,
Dec Intifada Dead Palestinians:48; Israelis: 6
2003 Total Palestinian Rockets and Mortars: Rockets: 155; Mortars: 265
2003 Intifada Dead Palestinians:  590; Israelis: 201
Jan 28, 2004 After attacks on Netzarim, ID Gaza city raid kills 4 Islamic Jihad, 1 Hamas militant dead.
Jan 29, 2004 Palestinian Preventive Security officer suicide bombing blows up self and 10 Israelis. Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas claim the attack.

Israel, Hezbollah prisoner swap.

Jan 30, 2004 IDF kills Hamas militant Jihad Suwayti in Hebron, raiding a home; kills1 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Islamic Jihad militant during their attempted infiltration.
Jan. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 28; Israelis: 16
Feb 11, 2004 IDF raids in Gaza city and Rafah: 15 dead including 5 Hamas militants, 2 Islamic Jihad, 2 preventive security. Dead include Hamas militants Ashraf Abu Hassanain and Hani Abu Shukayla.
Feb 22, 2004 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant suicide bomber kills 8 and self in Jerusalem.
Feb 24, 2004 International Court of Justice begins hearings on the legality of the Israeli security barrier, Israel and Palestinians use the hearings as a platform for demonstrations about terror and the occupation.
Feb.. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 51; Israelis: 11
March 7, 2004 IDF raids in Nuesseirat and Bureij Gaza refugee camps are met with resistance; 14 Palestinians kills in fighting.
March 10, 2004 IDF kills 5 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants near Jenin and a 14 year old Palestinian "child" is killed while attempting to throw a Molotov cocktail at a tank in Gaza.
March 14, 2004 Ashdod bombing - Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas militants raid Ashdod  port, kill 11 Israeli civilians in suicide bombing. First attack originating from Gaza.
March 22, 2004 IDF kills Hamas  leader Ahmed Yassin, and 12 others dies in killing, Gaza fighting. Yassin replaced by Abdel Aziz Rantissi.
Mar. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 80; Israelis: 11
April 14, 2004 Israeli PM Sharon meets with US President George Bush, gets letter supporting disengagement plan
April 17, 2004 IDF kills  Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi and 2 bodyguards.
April 21, 2004 IDF kills 9 in Beit Lahiya.
April 22, 2004 IDF kills 3 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants in Tulkarm, and 3 Palestinian children die in various actions.
April 23, 2004 IDF kills 3 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants in Qalqilia, 1 civilian college professr militant in Nablust.
April 24, 2004 IDF Jenin raid kills Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants Said Hardan, Kamal Masa’id and Husni Daraghma.
Apr. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 53; Israelis: 3
May 2 2004 Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan turned down in Likud party vote May 2;

Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees militants ambush Hatuel family car near Gush Katif, kill mother and four children. IDF escort kills militants.

 Sharon proposes new disengagement plan later.

May 11, 2004  6 Israeli soldiers are killed when their APC is blown up in Gaza and Islamic Jihad and  Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades take the remains. IDF kills 8 Palestinians to retrieve the remains. 

IDF launches operation Rainbow to stop infiltration of arms across the Egypt-Gaza border in Rafah and to widen the Philadelphi patrol road. Demolition of houses and killing of over 40 Palestinians including noncombatants evokes world protest; plans to widen the corridor by demolishing houses meet legal snags and international protest; 

May 12, 2004 IDF kills 7 Palestinians in Gaza city.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad RPG blows up IDF vehicle killing 5 soldiers, abducting bodies.

May 13, 2004 IDF kills 16 Palestinians in Rafah fighting.
May 15, 2004 US Secretary of State Powell meets with PA Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei, urging him to use the opportunity presented by Sharon's disengagement plan.
May 17-20, 2004 IDF launches Operation Rainbow to stop infiltration of arms across the Egypt-Gaza border in Rafah and to widen the Philadelphi patrol road. Demolition of houses and killing of over 40 Palestinians including noncombatants evokes world protest; Fatah-Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti  found guilty on 5 counts of murder May 20.
May 22-23 2004 16th Arab summit in Tunis meets after abrupt collapse of meeting that had been called for March 29. On May 22, a suicide bomber in Gaza kills only himself. On May 28, another suicide bombing again results on in the death of the bomber.
May 30 2004 IDF kills Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades leader Wa’il Nassarin Gaza City, along with assistant Muhammad Sarsur
 May Intifada Dead Palestinians: 112; Israelis: 19
Jun 6 2004 Israel Cabinet approves revised Sharon disengagement plan.
Jun 14 2004 IDF kills Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Balata refugee camp commander. Khalid Marshud and his driver.
Jun 16 2004 IDF kills Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Majid al-Sa`di and a  bystander.

Wanted Hamas  militant Awni Taha killed in "work accident" explosion.

Jun 26 2004 IDF kills 8. 5 wanted Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants including  Nablus head Nayif Abu Sharq, Islamic Jihad West Bank commander. Fadi al-Bahti and Hamas local commander Ja`far al-Masri and  Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Nidal Wawi.
Jun 28 2004 Qassam rockets kill 2 Israelis in Sderot; Israeli businessman murdered in Beit Rima,
Jun Intifada Dead Palestinians: 47; Israelis: 5
July 7, 2004 IDF kills wanted Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant. Issam Mahamid.
July 8, 2004 Clashes in Beit Hanun: 5 Palestinians dead including Hamas Beit Hanun cmmander Nahid Abu Odeh, 3 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants and 2 Palestinian bystanders
July 9, 2004 International court of Justice (ICJ)  rules that the Israeli security barrier violates international law and must be torn down. UN GA later votes to order Israel to dismantle the barrier. Israel announces that it will ignore the ruling, but makes changes in the barrier route according to the rulings of the Israeli High Court.
July 11, 2004 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades bomb kills IDF soldier, wounds 20 Israelis in Tel Aviv bus stop.
July 13, 2004 IDF kills Jenin Islamic Jihad commander Numan Tahayna; settler kills runs over elderly Palestinian with car, allegedly done deliberately, near Bethlehem.
July 12-19, 2004 UN Envoy Terje Roede Larsen slammed by Palestinian leaders for issuing a report that claims there is chaos in the Palestinian areas. Fighting between Fatah factions breaks out in Gaza, amidst kidnappings of Palestinians and foreigners.
July 15, 2004 IDF kills  wanted senior Hamas militant Malik al-Din in Hebron.
July 16, 2004 Popular Resistance Committees militant kidnap Gaza police chief Ghazi Jabali, exchanging gunfire with this bodyguards, wounding 2; parade him through the streets of al-Bureij refugee camp; accusing him of stealing $22 m. in public funds; release him unharmed. Mbrs. of the Fatah Abu Rish Brigades militants kidnap 4 French citizens, hold them hostage at a Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) office in Khan Yunis for several hours, demanding that the PA fire corrupt security officials, before releasing them unharmed.  Fatah Abu Rish Brigades militants kidnap Palestinian security official Khalid Abu al-Ula in Khan Yunis, free him by the end of the day. Gaza’s Preventive Security Forces head Rashid Abu Shiblak, Gaza’s General Intelligence chief Amin al-Hindi resign.
July 17, 2004 IDF kills Hamas miltants Basil Abu Sha'b, and Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Sahir Aja in Saida.

Arafat puts his cousin Musa in charge of "Public security," provoking further protests. Amin al-Hindi reappointed.

Ahmad Qurei resigns due to chaos and lack of reform in PA.

July 23, 2004 IDF kills Islamic Jihad miltants  'Abd al-Ra’uf Abu 'Assi, Hazim Irhayim in Gaza city.

Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants kill 15 year old boy in family that tries to stop them from launching Qassam rockets.

July 25, 2004 IDF kills Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants Hani Awayda, Mahdi Tanbur, 2 bystanders and a mentally handicapped person who entered a closed military zone.
July 27, 2004 Ahmad Qurei rescinds resignation after Arafat promises reform.
July 29-30, 2004 IDF kills Fatah Abu Rish Brigades Rafah commander 'Amr Abu Sitta and his deputy Zaki Abu Zarqa, in Rafah; kills Islamic Jihad Tulkarm commander  Zahir Ashqar in an exchange of gunfire in Tulkarm, July 29; July 29, kills 1 child in Khan Yunis funeral procession disturbances for the above militants, and kills 4 militants laying roadside bombs. near Bureij.
July 31, 2004 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants kidnap 3 foreign church workers, release them later that day. Additional disturbances by al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Nablus.
Jul. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 58; Israelis: 3
Aug 2, 2004 IDF kills 2 AMB Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and 1 Islamic Jihad militant attempting attack on Aley Sinai.
Aug 18, 2004 IDF kills Hamas. and 1 Islamic Jihad militant in Gaza city attempt to kill Hamas militant Ahmad Jabari.
Aug 31, 2004 Palestinians allege that a Jewish settler kills a 61-yr.-old Palestinian woman in a hit-and-run accident near Qalqilya.

Suicide bombing - 2 Hamas militants commit suicide bombing in Beersheba bus, killing 16 Israeli civilians.

Aug Intifada Dead Palestinians: 39; Israelis: 17
Sept 7, 2004 IDF kill 14 Hamas militants on maneuvers in a missile attack; Israel releases 137 Palestinian prisoners. IDF fire kills 9 year old Palestinian girl. 
Sept 13, 2004 IDF missiles kils  senior Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Jenin  militant Mahmud Abu Khalifa  wanted Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants Amjad and Yamin Abu al-Hayja.

Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants torch the home of PA police officer.

Sept 15, 2004 IDF kill  Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades & 1 DFLP militant and an 11-yr.-old Palestinian girl (bystander) in Nablus; kill wanted  Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant  Fadi Zakarna and 3 passengers.
Sept 19, 2004 IDF kill  senior Hamas commander Khalid Abu Silmiyya by missile attack in Gaza City; kill 2 others in unrelated incidents.
Sept 20, 2004 IDF kill  Hamas members Nabil al-Su`aidi and Rabah Zaqqut by missile attack in Gaza City.
Sept 23, 2004 Militants of Fatah Abu Rish Brigades, Palestine Resistance Committees and Islamic Jihad kill 3 IDF soldiers in attack near Morag and are then killed.
Sept 26, 2004 Hamas leader Izz El-Deen Al-Sheikh Khalil is assassinated by a car bomb in Damascus by Mossad agents. Hamas spokesmen announce they will consider attacking Israeli targets outside Israel. Under pressure from US, Syria forced many leaders of terrorist groups to leave Damascus.
Sept 27, 2004 IDF kills 4 Palestinians in alleged attack attempts and Popular Resistance Committees militant Ali al-Sha'ir. A Palestinian school teacher is killed by stray fire - allegedly by IDF.

Settler shoots a Palestinian near Itamar, apparently in self defense.

Palestinian militants kidnap CNN producer Riyad Ali. 

Sept 29, 2004 Qassam rockets launched from Gaza kill two children in the Israeli town of Sderot. Israel launches operation "Days of Repentance," occupying a large area in northern Gaza, demolishing houses and killing over 80 Palestinians by October 7. 

Settlers near Hebron allegedly beat and rob two Christian Peace Team activists.

IDF kills about 12 Palestinians in Gaza operations and clashes.

Sept 30, 2004 About 27 Palestinians killed in IDF Jabalya operations and in Palestinian attack that kills two IDF soldiers and one Israeli civilian.
Sept Intifada Dead Palestinians:114; Israelis: 11
Oct 1-14, 2004 IDF kills dozens of Palestinians, mostly in Operation Days of Penitence (or Days of Repentance) in Beit Lahia and other parts of Gaza. Dead include numerous Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah militants, but also civilians and children. Among others, IDF kills Islamic Jihad military leader Bashir al-Dabash and his bodyguard Ahmad al-Arayir (Oct 5) Hamas senior commander 'Abd al-Rauf Nabhan (Oct 9)
Oct 7, 2004 Multiple suicide attacks in the Sinai desert against Egyptian tourist areas frequented by  Israelis including the Taba Hilton hotel and Ras al-Shaitan (Ras Satan). About 27 persons killed, mostly Israelis. Initial reports attributed the attack variously to Al-Qaeda and to Palestinian groups, though Palestinian groups claimed no involvement.
Oct 15, 2004 Ramadan begins; IDF operations scaled down.
Oct 21, 2004 IDF kills Adnan al Gul (or Ghul), Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades second in command, probably responsible for the development of Qassam rockets, in Gaza City, and senior field commander Imad Abbas. Heavy mortar fire on Israel for several days.
Oct 22, 2004 IDF kills wanted Hamas militant Awad Yasir in Khan Yunis.
Oct 23, 2004 IDF kills Islamic Jihad militant. and brothers Omar and Ziad Abu Mustafa in Khan Yunis.
Oct 25-26, 2004 Israel Knesset approves disengagement plan calling for withdrawal from Gaza with the support of Labor and Yahad  (Meretz) leftist parties. Ruling rightist Likud members and  NRP demand a referendum. IDF kills about 20 Palestinian militants and civilians in operations October 24 and 25 in response to mortar attacks.
Oct 29, 2004 Yasser Arafat ill, sent to Paris military hospital. Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is deputized.
Oct Intifada Dead Palestinians: 145; Israelis: 4
Nov 1, 2004 IDFs kill Nablus Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader Majdi Mari, Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants Jihad Abu Salah and Fadi al-Sarwan and 2 infiltrators.

PFLP suicide bomber kills 3 Israelis, self in Tel Aviv. 

Nov 6, 2004 IDF kills boy throwing molotov cocktail in Jenin, 2 Islamic Jihad militants attempting infiltration in Neve Dekalim, and Palestinian who opens fire on troops.
Nov 7, 2004 IDF kills 4 al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants near Jenin.
Nov 11, 2004 Yasser Arafat dies. Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)  and Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala) share his powers. Abu Mazen is selected as the Fatah candidate for head of the PNA and will have little serious opposition after Marwan Barghouti, who had announced his candidacy, drops out of the race in December.

IDF kills 7 in various incidents, including clashes and infiltrations. Disperse Arafat commemorative march in East Jerusalem. 

Nov 24, 2004 IDF kills a senior Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Muhammad Liftawi, and two other militants travelling with him near Beitunia;IDF kills armed militant near Khan Yunis.
Nov Intifada Dead Palestinians: 42; Israelis: 3
Dec 7, 2004 Bomb in Qarni crossing kills IDF soldier, IDF kills 2 Hamas and 2 Islamic Jihad militants.
Dec 12, 2004 An explosion destroys an Israeli Joint Verification Team (JVT) terminal near the Egyptian-Gaza border, within Israel. Five Israeli soldiers killed. The explosion was carried out by tunneling from the Gaza side and planting a huge explosive charge. Hamas and the Fatah Eagles take responsibility. The attack was not condemned by the PNA.
Dec 13, 2004 IDF kills Hamas Nablus commander Ihsan Shawahna.
Dec 14, 2004 IDF kills Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades commander Kamil Ghannam in Ramallah.
Dec 17, 2004 IDF kills 9 including 4 Palestinian civilians in Khan Yunis in response to mortar attacks.
Dec 27, 2004 IDF kills wanted  Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militant Wa’il Riyahi in Nablus.
Dec 28/31 2004 After Palestinians launch 55 mortars and 23 Qassam rockets, IDF raids in Gaza kill about 13 including Hamas leader Yahya Marzuq.
Dec, Intifada Dead Palestinians: 60; Israelis: 9
2004 Total Palestinian Rockets and Mortars: Rockets: 281; Mortars: 876
2004 Intifada Dead Palestinians:  829; Israelis: 112
Jan 4, 2005 IDF fire kills 7 Palestinian minors (apparently non-combatants) outside Beit Lahiya.
Jan 9, 2005 Mahmoud Abbas elected President of the Palestinian National Authority.
Jan 10, 2005 Ariel Sharon forms unity government with Labor and United Torah Judaism parties in Israel.
Jan 13, 2005 Fatah  al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas, and Popular Resistance Committees militants  kill 6 Israelis civilians at Qarni crossing. The three militants are also killed.
Jan 15, 2005 IDF kills 7 including 5 Palestinian noncombatants in Gaza. Abbas sworn in as President.
Jan. Intifada Dead Palestinians: 52; Israelis: 12
Feb 8, 2005 Sharm El Sheikh Summit Conference - Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas , President Mubarak of Egypt and King Abdullah II of Jordan meet in Sharm El Sheikh. Abbas and Sharon announce an end to the violence. Israel will release over 900 Palestinian prisoners and withdraw from Palestinian cities. Jordan and Egypt will return ambassadors to Israel. The Second Intifada is deemed to be over. (See: Sharm El Sheikh Summit 2005: Ariel Sharon Remarks,  Sharm El Sheikh Summit 2005: Mahmoud Abbas Remarks). Official end of the Second Intifada according to some sources.


Continued from 2005: Timeline: Second Intifada 2005 to Present


Updated from available sources to Nov 2, 2008.


Sources include: www.leksikon.org/ www.btselem.org/  www.rememberthesechildren.org/  www.mfa.gov.il/

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